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The Incredible Hulk

No description

Hayden Pettit

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of The Incredible Hulk

One of hulks amazing superpowers is his thunder clap. The hulk claps his hands together to create a large concussive wave. He can hurt enemies, blow away toxic gas, extinguish flames and even deafen people with this super powerful concussive blast.
The Incredible Hulk
Physics Concepts Related to Super Strength
In order to see if the Hulk's super strength would be possible according to the laws of physics, we must examine the equation for Force.
Force = mass times acceleration

Physics Concepts Related to Immortality
Not only is the Hulk immortal, but he is also invincible, meaning not only will he not die but he will also remain in the same physical condition all the time. However, as the Hulk already has unstable emotions and mentality, being immortal and invincible would completely destroy the personality of Bruce Banner. As Bruce keeps on living, he would eventually forget everything from his past life and would become lost in the emotions of hatred and frustration of not being able to remember anything. As he would lose his way, he would forget if he is on good or evil's side, causing him to spend most of his time as the Incredible Hulk, rampaging around fighting against whoever got in his way, good or evil.
The Incredible Hulk
The Incredible Hulk
Although the Hulk does not have a specific nemesis, the Silver Surfer is one of the only Marvel characters who has beaten the Incredible Hulk consistently.
After being kicked off of planet Earth, Hulk was sent to his own planet where he first met the Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer beat the Hulk by absorbing the radiation from his body, thus rendering him mortal. However, if the Silver Surfer was able to absorb the radiation from his body, the amount of gamma radiation would likely kill the Silver Surfer according to physics concepts.
As mentioned with the Silver Surfer, one of Hulk's only weaknesses is absorption. Some of his other weaknesses according to the comics would be if he became less angry or was in his Bruce Banner state.
However, according to physics concepts, even if Bruce Banner survived the gamma radiation (he would most likely die if exposed to the quantity he was), the Hulk would not be able to expand his body mass because of the Law of Conservation of Mass. He would also not be able to demonstrate the super strength he has as such acceleration would tear his muscles and ligaments and thereby render him weaker.
The Incredible Hulk has the quickest healing ability of all the Marvel Characters. In a battle against Vector, the Hulk had all of his skin blown off his body exposing all his muscles and bones. In a matter of seconds all of his skin regrew and once again covered him.
In a battle against Falcon, the Hulk had his stomach sliced open. Immediately he placed his hand over the wound to hold his intestines in as his skin regrew. However his skin grew around his fingers, permanently placing his hand on his stomach. After realizing what happened the Hulk broke his fingers off, they then regrew and the fighting continued.
Superpowers Elaborated
It is said that the Incredible Hulk can lift 100 tons when calm, but has been known to lift a 150 billion ton mountain to save his fellow superheros, when raging mad. His strength is limitless due to the fact that he can only become more angry; in short, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.
Thunder Clap
The Hulk was created toward the beginning of the Cold War in 1962. With the threat of nuclear warfare between the Soviet Union and the United States, Stan Lee created a Marvel character with extreme super strength that could defend the nation and resemble a sign of hope for the people. Stan Lee introduced the Incredible Hulk with an average working class man, Bruce Banner. Bruce, a nuclear physicist, was working at a lab in North Dakota when a teenager broke into the lab where Bruce was testing his projects. Bruce saved the teenager from the gamma radiation, but couldn't save himself. Thus Stan Lee created the monstrous, misunderstood brute known as the Incredible Hulk.

As the Hulk's super strength is limitless, the Hulk would have to have an infinite amount of body mass and accelerate exponentially in order to exert an infinite amount of force.
For example, in order for Hulk to lift 100 tons, he would have to exert a force of approx. 889,644 newtons. This would mean his body mass could be up to 20000 kg and he could be accelerating up to 10 m/s squared.

Infinite force = Infinite mass times exponential acceleration

889,644 newtons = 20000 kg times 10 m/s squared
The Incredible Hulk:
The Secret Unleashed
In conclusion, even if Bruce Banner survived gamma radiation, he would never be able to perform the acts of super strength that not even a healthy human being can perform. In the same way, he would definitely not be immortal and would not be able to heal wounds within minutes. And as for expanding size, the only thing that would grow inside his body would be cancer. If he survived the gamma radiation, he would live within the confines of a hospital for the rest of his life.

Shouts and screams
coming from the city,
a giant a monster
a misunderstood brute.
The ferocious green monster
we all know as the Hulk
can be filled with rage
about the littlest thing.
We are scared but we ponder
on how gamma radiation
can do this to one human being.
We may never truly understand
the secret of this brute.
But physics can help us
justify the wrong from the right
about this strong Marvel character
with his famous catch phrase
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