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Lecture 1 Fermentation Technology

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on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Lecture 1 Fermentation Technology

Yogurt making

Making of fish sauce

“Fish water," genuine fish sauce is the water, or juice, in the flesh of fish that is extracted in the process of prolonged salting and fermentation.

It is made from small fish that would otherwise have little value for consumption


In fermentation, there are mainly involved three (3) main stages:

: first step in which biomolecules are grown
(inoculum development, medium formulation, shake flasks exp)

Bioprocess/ Bioreactor
: Bioreactor design

: a process to obtain the products

Thank You for Listening

Current fermentation process

Time to time, fermentation process has been improved.
A dramatic shift from food preservation for food local communities to large scale of varieties productions, necessary to meet the requirements of extending and more distant markets.

This in turn led to the development of large scale of fermentation process for commercial products.

Cocoa fermentation

Fermentation technology

What is fermentation?

any process involving chemical reaction in which sugar are broken down into smaller molecules and leading to organic production by the mass culture of microorganisms.
micro-organisms are exploited to produce a wide variety of products using fermentation .examples?

Involving transformation of raw materials (biological or non-biological) - some products by - microorganisms, animal or plants cell cultures

Industrial biotechnology is always referring to “fermentation technology”

Less waste generation
Reduced energy consumption

Fermentation technology

What is industrial biotechnology?
Is the application of modern biotechnology for the industrial production
Fermentation technology
Small scale- Laboratory study

Nowadays, fermentation process involving electrical instrument with automated control parameters devised to satisfy the needs of the difference processes eg: organic acids, ethanol, antibiotic, cell biomass production and etc.

Wine making

Lecture 6: Basic microbial growth kinetics
Lecture 7: Submerged fermentation and control
Lecture 8: Fed-batch and continuous fermentation and control
Lecture 9: Solid state fermentation and control
Lecture 10: Microbial products
Test 2

Lecture 1: Overview of fermentation technology
Lecture 2: Culture maintenance
Lecture 3: Process development
Lecture 4: Medium preparation / formulation
Lecture 5: Bioreactor design
Test 1


Cheese making

Fermentation technology

Cells cultivation-anaerobic condition

Wine making

Large scale – Industry application

Course outline

Test (2x10) = 20%
Industrial Visit = 10%
Mini Project = 10%
Team Work Observation= 10%
Final 50%
TOTAL = 100%
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