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Hockey Sticks From Canada To Sweden

No description

Anthony Mitchell

on 8 November 2017

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Transcript of Hockey Sticks From Canada To Sweden

Hockey Sticks From Canada To Sweden
Size Of Market
Fourteen thousand years ago, Sweden was still covered by a thick ice cap. As the ice retreated, people moved in. Ale’s stones pictured here are from the Iron Age – before Vikings, war-hungry kings, peace and the race into modernity.
The current population of Sweden is 9,933,700 as of Thursday, October 26, 2017, based on the latest United Nations estimates.
Sweden population is equivalent to 0.13% of the total world population.
Sweden ranks number 89 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population.
The population density in Sweden is 24 per Km2 (63 people per mi2).
The total land area is 410,340 Km2 (158,433 sq. miles)
85.4 % of the population is urban (8,461,650 people in 2017)
The median age in Sweden is 40.9 years
Socio-cultural Acceptance
No other affluent nation in recent decades has accepted as many political refugees, per capital, as Sweden has. People fleeing wars and repression from such places as Hungary, Vietnam, Chile, and Kurdistan have been granted a safe haven. In the 1990s, Sweden was the leading industrialized nation, in relation to population, in accepting those uprooted by wars in the former Yugoslavia. Foreigners enjoy full access to the welfare system, can vote in local elections, and can become citizens in five years.One of the key characteristics of Swedish culture is that Swedes are egalitarian in nature, humble and find boasting absolutely unacceptable. In many ways, Swedes prefer to listen to others as opposed to ensuring that their own voice is heard.The family in Sweden is extremely important and as such, the rights of children are well protected.
History Of Hockey Sticks
Let’s take a look at the hockey stick’s evolutionary journey: the oldest known sticks, dating back to the mid-1800s, were made out of hornbeam wood. In the 1920s, ash became the preferred material for hockey stick manufacturing, being very durable but also extremely heavy. These sticks were not curved, and the blade was inserted into a notch in the shaft and glued together. In 1927, Cy Denneny, from the Ottawa Senators, was the first to “banana blade” or curve his blade, but this did not become popular until the 1960s.Quebec’s Sher-Wood and Canadian companies started the revolution of becoming less dependent on wood sticks and more on fiberglass. When they began using lightweight aspen wood reinforced with fiberglass
Methods Of Marketing And Distribution
flyers simple cheap easy way
posters to catch the consumers eyes
Referral networks are invaluable to a business. This does not only mean customer referrals, which are encouraged though discounts or other rewards per referral.

Competition In market
Hockey sticks Sweden AB is a Swedish company that develops and manufactures hockey sticks for the Scandinavian market. Our goal is for all players at any level, should be able to play with the best materials the market can offer.

We use excellent quality fabric while developing our collection. In order to provide seamless finishing alongside durability, we use advanced machines of tailoring. Moreover, our quality maintenance cell thoroughly inspects our products during the manufacturing phase to ensure international quality standards. Being noteworthy manufacturers and Hockey Sticks suppliers in Sweden, we are capable of entertaining your requirements in due time. Our exceptional quality products are available at reasonable rates.
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hockey stick companies information
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