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All the Years of Her Life - A presentation by Claire J. and Cece B. (8A)

No description

Claire Jeon

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of All the Years of Her Life - A presentation by Claire J. and Cece B. (8A)

All the Years of Her Life Claire Jeon and Cece Bu 8A Settings - At the drugstore (Alfred's workplace) - At Alfred's house Characters Alfred Higgins Sam Carr Mrs Higgins -The owner of the drugstore (Alfred's boss) -Alfred's mother -A small, elderly man -A teenage boy who works at Mr. Carr's drugstore At the drugstore Initial Incident: Mr. Carr, Alfred's manager, caught Alfred stealing. Rising Action #1 Alfred took out the items he stole from his pocket. Rising Action #2 Alfred tried to lie to Mr. Carr to get out of trouble. Rising Action #3 Mr. Carr calls Alfred's mother. Falling Action #1 Mrs. Higgins convinces Mr. Carr to not call the police. Falling Action #2 Mr. Carr lets Alfred go without contacting the police, but fires him. Falling Action #3 Mrs. Higgins takes Alfred home and reprimands him. Conclusion After Alfred noticed how broken and lonely his mother was, he felt sympathy for her. Introduction Setting: Climax Alfred's mother arrives at the store to speak with Mr. Carr. The plot The Theme Characterization Methods A presentation about the short story written by Morley Callaghan A stimulating/reflecting theme A mother's devotion and love to her son Relating and Reflecting
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