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Pirates of Silicon Valley

No description

Paola Silva

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley
1. Why do you think the movie is titled ""pirates of silicon valley"? Is this an appropriate title? (Why or why not?) Please create an alternate ""catchy"" yet appropriate title for this film and explain why you would name the film your title.
2. After viewing this film, write a paragraph about your feelings regarding Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as 'pioneers of the computer revolution'. Do you feel they deserve more or less respect that what media gives them? Consider their past and their achievements. Are they pirates or are they thieves? are they justified by their actions?
3. Describe the traits and personalities of the following individuals: Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates.
Steve Jobs: Steve was a very independant guy. he had to be in charge because he was never good at taking orders from people, and/or following them.
Steve Wozniak: Steve was a very chill, happy guy. He only did something if he enjoyed it.
Bill Gates: He never stopped striving for something he wanted. no matter what got in his way.
I think the film has this title because pirates steal, and Steve Jobs and Bill Gates stole ideas and software to begin their revolution of the computer industry. They were known for creating the computers they sold, but they really either bought it or stole it from other companies.
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are not that different. They both wanted to achieve the same goal, with same intentions- achieving the evolution of computers, just individually. I think that the media gives them enough credit, because they practically praise Steve and Bill, nut I do think their intentions were good, and they should be recognized for the good they did, not the bad, because everybody makes mistakes, but not everybody achieves what they got to.
4. During what significant sporting event did the macintosh "1984" ad run? What was the meaning behind the ad?
The ad ran during the super owl of 1984.
5. Where did Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak meet? Describe the political, social, and cultural movement that was taking place at the time of their meeting .
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were assigned to work together in Homestead High School.
6. What illegal device did Jobs and "Woz"" manufacture and sell? What did it do?
They sold the bluebox. it could make long distance calls all over the world with no charge.
7. What did Bill Gates and Paul Allen create for the world's first minicomputer (altair)? Why was their creation so important to the newly emerging computer era?
They created the language for the computer. This was extremely important because without it, computers would be just boxes that light up, with no purpose.
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