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Science Section 2.3: The Need for Cell Division

also, AWESOME Science: Natures Oil Recyclers.

middle school

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Science Section 2.3: The Need for Cell Division

Science Section 2.3: the need for cell division.
The smaller the cell, the more efficient it is in sending messages. AWESOME Science: Natures Oil Recyclers.
In 1989 the oil tanker, the Exxon Valdez spilled 40 million liters of oil along the Prince William Sound.

Bioremediation is the method of using bacteria to reduce the danger of oil spills.
Some bacteria can digest or break down oil; some stronger than others.
Found naturally in the ocean, they need nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon to survive, but are not very populated due to lack of carbon.
Oil contains lots of carbon, so during oil spill the amount of bacteria sky rockets.
Scientists learned the bacteria grew and reproduced faster when they added nitrogen and phosphorus.
Oil breaks down into three things: carbon dioxide, water and non-toxic substances.
Since bioremediation is natural, it is generally less expensive.
30% of oil is dug from the ocean floor. The first response to an oil spill is to contain, and gather up as much as possible. For example, in skin cells, if you were in the sun, you’re nucleus would tell your ribosomes to produce Melanin (blocks sunlight to prevent damage). If you’re skin cells we’re large, in the time the message takes to tell your ribosomes to produce Melanin, sun could damage the cells of your skin. Cells require nutrients, and produce waste that needs to be removed. The greater the surface area of cell membrane in comparison to the volume of the cell, the more effectively the cell can absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Thus, the smaller the cell, the more efficient it is. All animals and plants have lots of cells, instead of just one big cell.
Cells grow, but eventually divide when they reach a certain size. A nucleus tells organelles to do they’re jobs by sending messages to and from each organelle.
The bigger the cell is, the longer the message needs to travel for the receiver to obtain it, which then makes the cell less efficient.
Cells in your body are all different sizes. (i.e. fat cells are larger than muscle cells)
You will find that more active cells are generally smaller. And smaller cells can remove waste and absorb nutrients faster, which is why active cells are usually smaller. The reason is that more active cells require greater amounts of nutrients and waste to be removed. the end.
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