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Stephannia Morris

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of credits

What it is about
Women's suffrage is about women having rights to vote during election year.The women's suffrage was until the 19TH century.The reason most of it stopped in 19TH century because of the 19TH amendment. It was really different in the 1800's because that was when it all started.
During The 1800's women were partially in slavery.Women had to follow what the men wanted them to do.If the men wanted the women to work in the field they would work in the field. Purpose: If the a man wanted to marry a women then the women had to marry that man or the women would be in trouble.
What it was like for women

Men in the 1800's
Betty Friedan she was said because of the one book she wrote is said to have helped the women become stronger. Alice stokes Paul was a lawyer ,social reformer and she devoted her life to make women's equal.Elizabeth Cady Staton was born in 1815 and pasted in 1902. Ida B. Wells was born 1862 and pasted 1931.
The women's suffrage movement actually started in 1848 . Women were fed up of the men telling them what to do.Women were supposed to marry and take care of the family and if women did have a job paying the family ,she just got payed a little.Women mostly worked in the field or did house work.
what happened and what women did
The voting rights started in the 19Th century. Women did have rights but they did have only a little. From the time of the revolution the women suffrage still had not won the right to vote. Women won the right to vote in about the 1840's and 1830's.Some people think the reason the movement stopped is because John F. Kennedy set a law for women to vote.
Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15, 1820. Susan B. Anthony was one of the women who worked for the women's right movement .Susan B. Anthony was raised in a Quaker household. Susan went to work until she was a leader for the women's right movement .Susan B. Anthony talked to President Kennedy when she was 85 years old.
Susan B Anthony
It effects us by women
now having rights.
how it effects us
Women's Suffrage

Men in the 1800's were the boss of women .Men told women what they have to do. Some men made women there SLAVES.Men did some yard work.Men went and did jobs out of the home.
test Questions
test answers
1. How might have Susan stopped the women suffrage (Slide 5)
2. What did Alice Stokes Paul do for her jobs (slide 6)
3. When did women earn there rights(slide8)
4. What is women suffrage about(slide2)
5.What was a women' s purpose(slide 3)
6. What did some men make there wives be (slide 4)
7. When was Susan B. Anthony born(slide 5)
8. When did the women suffrage actually start(slide 7)
9. What am I telling you about(all slides)
10. What is the main purpose(all slides)
1. talking to the president
2. lawyer and social reformer
3. 19Th century
4. 1800's
5. Was to marry
6. slaves
7. Feb, 15 1820
8. 1848
9. Women's Suffrage
10.Women's suffrage
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