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Middle Ages

No description

Mr. Fernandez

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Middle Ages

Middle Ages
Renaissance was a rebirth of the classics.
New Europe
Events that helped end the Middle Ages
1. Black Death
2. war
3. growth of sovereign states
4. printing press
5. Reformation
6. Exploration/colonization
- new vision of the world
- king of the Franks
- Germanic tribe
500 - 1500
( new "Roman emperor")
Magna Carta
- Monarch's power was limited
- noble's rights
Common law
- replaces local law codes (same laws all over)
- representative body of advisors to the king.
- humanism encourages creativity/individualism
- Martin Luther
- reformers call for changes in church practices.
Religious wars
- Protestantism and Catholicism
E.Q.- Explain how the Middle Ages lay the foundations to our Modern World
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