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Child Prostitution

No description

Sarah MacNeil

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Child Prostitution

Child Prostitution Case Studies Solutions Increase Awareness Increase Opportunities and Education Decriminalize or Legalize Prostitution Canada Brazil Thailand Background Video About the Issue 800,000 Child Prostitutes Number Two Country for Child Prostitution The Misconceptions
Why would this work? Why would this work? Why would this work? What is Child Prostitution? Child Prostitution:
is a form of sexual
abuse involving the
commercial sexual
exploitation of children.
In return the child or
another party
(such as a pimp)
will receive monetary
payment or other
forms of payment;
such as drugs. Refers to any
human being
under the
consenting age
of majority in
the country
they live in Sexual exploitation is the
selling of a child’s body for intercourse or other sexual acts Generally the purchaser
is an older adult from their
area or people traveling for sex tourism. Why is it Occurring? Where is it Happening? Who is Involved? The average
age is 6 to 18 Both boys and girls 55% of child prostitutes are female
and 45% are male. Human Trafficking
The 2nd largest criminal trade in the world
Sending teenaged prostitutes to other countries to work
The teen will send the money back home to their family
The teen is usually deported back home where he or she influences younger prostitutes to do as they did
This can be a result of kidnapping or it may be voluntary It is a source of income
Children are sold into this trade by their family as a last result
This is a lucrative trade
In Kenya sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 16 can cost around twenty euros in comparison to the average Kenyan earning only four euros a day. Child prostitution usually occurs in poverty
stricken countries when the child and/or their
family has no other choice Orphans and Street Children
When children are orphaned or simply runaway from home they see prostitution as their only means of survival
Pimps and brothel owners target these vulnerable children
These children are influenced by drugs they experimented with or that were forced upon them by pimps or brothel owners Sex Tourism
This is when people travel for the purpose of sexual encounters
Many people from Canada, the USA, and Western Europe travel to poorer countries with high child prostitution rates and low laws and restrictions
With an increase in this demand comes a larger supply for child prostitutes Social Factors Desperation The Future Young girls make up 90% of the 800,000
child prostitutes in Thailand Most child prostitutes are found in and around Bangkok The most urban area
Business men and wealthier clients Thailand became a “newly industrializing country"
This forced rural families to send children into prostitution Religion 95% of people are Buddhist in Thailand
Women are viewed as naturally inferior to men
Women would rather their husbands have sex with a young girl than find a new wife Religion Cultural Debt to Family Being born results in a lifetime of debt
Family is very important
Girls do no have many ways to "repay" the debt The Value of Virginity 36% of prostitutes in Thailand are HIV positive
Virgins are prized for their security
The "Virgin Premium" When Thailand became an "Industrializing Nation"
prices of food, land and tools increased. The people of Northeast Thailand are poverty-stricken, and are forced to find other methods of income Pimps exploit this vulnerability, and convince parents to sell their daughters for money. ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) : Formed in 1990 to purpose expanded with growing awareness of the commercial sexual exploitation of children in other regions
The Sold Project: Began in 2007 and is committed to stopping child prostitution through education. Their mission is "to prevent child prostitution through culturally relevant programs for vulnerable children and to share their stories to empower creative, compassionate people Thai government is not doing much There are more than 500,000
child prostitutes in Brazil Sex Tourism Fortaleza, Brazil Large amounts of corruption The Slums Starting in the 1960's mass waves of migrants
move to Brazil looking for work Brothel Auctions for Virgin Girls The Risks Police Brutality Sexually Transmitted Diseases
and Pregnancy Trafficking Into Remote Regions
and Mining Towns What is Being Done? Government Action Opening shelters
Raids on brothels
Attempts to shut down various websites
More strict punishment for criminals of sexual exploitation NGO Action Community shelters to allow children to be children
Education and work place training
Sex, drug and abuse awareness programs Everyone Thinks... Child prostitution only happens in poor and developing nations
It doesn't happen here
Canadians do not take part in "sex tourism" The Reality The Future In 2010 255 youth were charged
for prostitution or related acts 213 Females
42 Males Top Three Cities 1) Toronto (26%)
2) Montreal (19%)
3)Vancouver (17%) 10,000 child prostitutes across Canada
"Because of the illicit nature of commercial sexual exploitation, there is no way to accurately measure the number of children and youth being commercially sexually exploited. Estimates of the number of commercially sexually exploited children and youth in BC vary greatly." The Justice Institute of British Columbia states that... The majority of child prostitutes are: Immigrants to Canada
Middle class runaways An Act to amend the Criminal Code (minimum sentence for offenses involving trafficking of persons under the age of eighteen years)
New offense for child trafficking with a five year mandatory penalty
Supported by law enforcement, victims’ services, First Nations representatives, and religious and secular non-governmental organizations. Bill C-268 Sex Tourism Integration Is it happening today? What are the Obstacles ? Child Prostitution is a "hush-hush" issue People need to know more about the issue
The public needs to know it is happening in their country Providing the general public with this information would:
Introduce more campaigns to help victims
Bring more government attention to the issue
Allow more money to be raised to help solve this issue
Introduce new possible solutions It is a controversial subject Awareness does not mean action This cannot be the sole solution Is it happening now? What are the obstacles? Decriminalization: To reduce or abolish criminal penalties The child would not be the criminal Pimps and Madams would be held responsible This would allow the child to be removed from these situations once rescued Legalization: the process of removing a legal prohibition against something which is currently not legal Legalization will stop the idea of an "underground" industry This will allow government control Child prostitutes will be noticeable Decriminalized the act of prostitution for the victim, however the selling and buying of prostitution is a crime. It is viewed as an abuse of women and children
They have educated their public on how to identify it.
The authorities have become more trained on how to treat victims, and how to deal with offenders Sweden has... Decriminalization would only benefit the
children once rescued from the streets or brothel This would keep the industry underground at the same
level if not intensify it The campaigns and training cost money that a
majority of countries do not have Decriminalization may influence more
children to live at home and turn to
prostitution What are the obstacles? Child prostitution's root cause is generally poverty Many children in poor countries are under educated There are no jobs or comparable options Education systems need funding It is a long process to develop a country and create
enough jobs Many job in third world countries pay next to nothing Understanding the Solution Why would this work? What are the Obstacles? Integration would... Set global laws on child prostitution
Allow global funding for relief efforts
Raise awareness NGO'S In 2005, Canada signed the United Nations Optional Protocol to the Convention on the right of the Child dealing with child prostitution.
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