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Career Development Center

No description

Randolph CDC

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of Career Development Center

Career Development Center
How do I choose my major?
What will I do with my major?
How do I know if Grad School is for me?
How do I apply to Grad school?
What if I change my mind half way through?
How many internships do I need?
What if...
How do I...
Luckily, Randolph has hired people to answer all of these questions and more!
Can anyone help me?!
So many questions... Let the CDC help

Self Doubt
To counter all of these things that will impair your career success,
utilize the CDC...
Alumnae/Alumni Services
Job Search
Events Calendar
Explore Majors
Four Year Career Plan
Graduate &Professional
Student Outcomes
With all of these things in your arsenal of experience, all of the bad will be outweighed by the good, to help
Def. of Career: An occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one's life work.
Finding the right career is a long, slow, yet satisfying process, and we have the tools to help you realize your calling in life.
Def. of Development: the act or process of growth; progress
Life isn't a destination, it's a journey. There's no real finish line, but huge milestones instead, and one of the biggest is finding that profession that best suits you. It's a tough road that requires motivation.
Def. of Center: the middle point; the source of influence; a principal point
Let assistance be our principal point, so you can focus on yours: Your Career. Once you have reached your goal, we have done our job. So stop by and see if we could be the catalyst that launches you over that gap in between you and your goals.
Even after Graduation, we are still here for you!
We provide:
Resume Reviews
Job Search Assistance
Graduate/Professional School Advice
Personalized Advising Meetings
Free Online Resources
All available on the CDC website!
- Are you an alum or current student who needs help from another Alum?
- Alum volunteers
are able to assist

Employers need qualified workers like YOU to fill their positions, and we join you guys together via:
- Career Premiere Job & Internship Fair
- Posting job and internship opportunities on
Purple Briefcase

- RC Premium Job Search
websites available on the CDC link:
- A collection of work, accomplishments, reflections, & skills that keep track of your 4-years here at Randolph
- Tips & Information on how to get started on our website
- calendar of all upcoming events available on our website
Focus 2
: Online Self-assessment & Career Exploration Tool. By identifying your personal interests and skills, the Focus 2 will ID the types of majors that are the right fit for you!
- find out more about this process on our website!
-once this decision is made, stop by the CDC and talk to
Krista Leighton
-How-to-guides, Admissions Tests, & Study Guides
- Perfect opportunity
to test-drive your

of Employers

think that students
should have 1 - 2
internships before
-There's no better way
to know your calling than
to try it out for yourself!
- Today, both employers & graduate schools expect students to have Career - related experience. Class of 2012 graduates gained valuable experience through:
Internships (53%)
Research (15.6%)
Volunteer Service (60.2%)
Study Abroad for semester/academic year (18.1%)
Employment during the summer (59%)
Of Seniors who participated in the survey:
65.8% either actively seeking employment of employed
25.6% attending/ preparing for grad./professional school
9% pursuing other endeavors
- lists of Grad. Professional Schools attended by Alumni available online

- Employers who have hired our Alumni available online
What am I doing for
4 years?
- Serving as an
internship resource
- Serving as a mentor
Create a profile and be ACTIVE on LinkedIn:

Search for Randolph College under schools on LinkedIn!
Join affinity groups and join in on discussions
select employment
-1st Year Self Assessment/Research
-2nd year Exploration/Experimentation
-3rd year Experimentation/Specialization
-4th year Decision-Making/Taking Action
"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest forever."
"I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I will NEVER accept
not trying."
"Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength
to endure a difficult one."
see difficulty in every opportunity.
see opportunity in every difficulty."
Career Development
- Og Mandino
- Michael Jordan
- Bruce Lee
- Winston Churchill
All these resources and more are available online and in the CDC.
Start Today!
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