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Female Construction Workers

No description

stephanie sanchez

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Female Construction Workers

By: Stephanie Sanchez
Susan Montalvan "Get Your Hands Dirty" "Gender disparity exists between male and female salaries" Despite signs of a narrowing wage gap, women still earned less than their male counterparts. Even when males and females select the same profession, males tend to receive a higher salary. Even so, it's not fair for males to receive more wage salaries than females, because women work just as hard as men do. "Gender doesn't apply to job cost" "Women must take matter into their own hands" Some advocates for women workers believe lower pay follows women as they increasingly enter career fields that have traditionally been male-dominated. Men usually get picked over the female because they look stronger. But regardless of that women are willing to prove themselves in a male field that they can be better and deserve the same pay. Should female construction workers earn the same wages as males? Despite the slight differences in treatment, women say they enjoy working construction and don't mind working in a male-dominated profession. The roles of both men and women were necessary to the survival of the people and the society valued them as equally important. Earning the same wages is important to females because their ability to conceive something that men think they're not able to determine. Sexism has been around for many years. Making it unfair and hard for women to get a good job. It's about how they work in the business, the gender shouldn't be involved with how much you get paid.
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