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Machzor 12 Photo Album

No description

nitzan arny

on 6 September 2014

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Transcript of Machzor 12 Photo Album

Children Protection home Tevel b'Tzedek Photo Album Agriculture Women empowerment Youth Education volunteering Nepal Machzor 12 thank you!! Israel Nepal photo exhibition in "Seminar H'akibutzim" collage in Israel painting the children protection home in Naxal together with the Embassy of Israel!! good memories... friends We went to Bandipur for a seminar, and learned more about Nepal! Our Australian volunteers
in a trip to Chitlang Our Australian volunteers teaching the
ECD class in Ranimalla Creating a fun place for the children at kaleshwar school in a visit to Ranimalla
in Dhading district Celebrating Hanuka with the Israeli Ambassador H.E Hanan goder Celebrating Tihar with our
Youth from Kalimati! we took a visit to a brick factory the first issue of
our youth movement news letter mask workshop with Mahadev-besi youth Tevel b'Tzedek alumanai seminar
in Israel creating the wall of peace
with the embassy of Israel Israel & Nepal friendship during the summer we
had a staff seminar a lecture about nepali culture
(before we went volunteering we had a lot of learning to do...) opening a computer lab in Kalimati teachers training in Ranimalla To learn more about Enviormental justice we went to a tour along the Bagmati river... celebrating family day in Mahadev-besi waiting for many more
adventures and projects to come !!! our volunteers gives English lessons some Extra curriculum activities in Mahdev-besi (Self defence for girls) These srong women are the leaders of our women groups in Sundrawati Women from Kalimati and Ranimalla gathered for a rally to shout out: stop violence againt women! creating and learning new skills
(Mahadev-besi women group) creating dolls together some examples from Kalimati's women and in Sundrawati... "Photo club" in Kalimati exhibition at OR2K restaurant in Thamel- showing the real Nepal youth guides seminar
in Ranimalla group Photo! Hami Yuva board members- taking a picture just before leading a workshop in Sundrawati This is how we are closing our youth activities... Hammmi Yuuuuuuvvva! Youth group in Sundrawati Theater in Mahdev-besi a theatre show in the community day in Kalimati! These are our "guides of the guides"- they have already been guiding for a few years and now leading the younger guides themselves What is your dream?? in klimati we are running a daycare, which also serves as a community center when we took the kids to the fun park :) Parents meeting in the daycare celebrating Hanuka at the village of sundrawati A "beauty workshop" for the women of Mahdev-besi :) Girls activity in Mahdev-besi our beautiful volunteers house in Sundrawati in a health program with the students of Kalishwar school and now in an Environment workshop in Mahdav-besi school "nature club" in an Autism center - we brought some of the teachers we work with from Kalimati and Mahadev-besi Helth campaign- teaching about a safe enviornment for children Shout with us! a police officer in a campaign against women violence at the campaign... Fun times with the Women of Mahdev-besi in a picnic (we went all the way to Ranimalla from Mahadev-besi) our demo farm in Mahadev-besi (this is where we do all the activities and give training to local farmers) teaching how to grow mushrooms teaching the youth of Sundrawti how to grow onions in a creative and effective way building a recycle bin in Mahadev-besi Youth activity in Kalimati Youth workshop in Sundrawti with the theater club in just after a great performance :) just having fun in "Tu'- bishvat"- an Israeli festival before going to Sundrawati the day we left Mahadev-besi in the community center of Kalimati "the best farmer" - one of our programs to inspire farmers in Mahdaev-besi Our judges in action Child club fun activity!
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