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Fixed and Growth Mindsets.

My explanation of a Fixed and Growth Mindset.

Ulises Guzman

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Fixed and Growth Mindsets.

Fixed and Growth Mindsets.
Create an urgency to prove yourself over and over,and that you have a certain amount of intelligence, a certain personality, and a certain moral character.
What is Growth mindset?
The growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your effort and experience.
What does effort mean for both mindsets?
In the world of a Fixed mindset effort is seen as a bad thing. It failure mean you're not smart or talent. And if you were smart, you wouldn't need effort
What is a Fixed mindset?
In the world of a growth mindset effort is
what makes you smart and talents. it shows that you are capable of overcoming big challenges.
Success in the perspective of both mindsets.

Success in the fixed mindset, it all about proving that you're smart or talented.
Validating yourself.
In the growth mindset success is about stretching yourself to learn someting new and developing yourself through time.
The differences of a Growth and Fixed mindset.

Looking for the ideal mate.
Growth Mindset

Fixed Mindset
People with a fixed mindset would want thier ideal mate to:

Put them on a pedestal

Make them feel perfect

Worship them
People with a growth mindset would want
thier ideal mate to:

see thier faults and help them to work on them

challenge them to become a better person

Encourage them to learn new things

For example : children with a fixed mindset want to make sure they succeed. smart people should alway succeed according to them.

For example: students with a fixed are only interested on the feedback that reflect on thier ability.
For example: for children with a growth mindset success about stretching themselves to achieve higher.
For example: student with a growth mindset
paid close attention to the feedback as an
informative that could stretch thier knowledge.
Mindsets in sports
Fixed Mindset
Growth Mindset
The people with the growth mind agree that :

how good you are at sports will always improve
if you work harder at it.

To be successful in sports, you need to learn techniques and skills and pactice them daily.
The people with a Fix Mindset believe that:

You have certain level of ability in sportsand you cannot really do much to change that level.

To be good at sports you need to be naturally
Meaning of failure for both mindsets
Fixed Mindset
In the fixed mindset, failure is about
a setback, get a bad grade, losing a tournament, getting fired getting reject. It
mean you're not smart or talented.
Growth Mindset
In the growth mindset failure is about
not growing, not reaching for the things
you value. It mean you're not fulling your
Mindsets reaction to rejection
People with the Fix Mindset feel judged and label
by rejection. Basically feeling Unloveable

People with the growth mindset although they
were often deeply hurt by what happen, they want
to learn it.

In thier perspective is about understanding, forgiving
and moving on.
Growth Mindset
Fixed Mindset
Affecting one Life.
Fixed Mindset
Growth Mindset
Every situation they face from thier life
perspective is a test of their characterisitics. when they live in that place, they live in a lot of fear of screwing up.

They ground the idea that what we're born with is just the beginning- that developing and building our skills through life experiences. They moe from ordinary to extraordinary.
For example: In depression a fix mindset avoid
many things and the more depressed they felt,
the more they let things go; the less action they
to solve the problem.
For Example: When people believe thier basic
qualities can be developed, failures may still them, but Failures don't define them. And if abilities can be
expand- if change an growth are possible- thn there
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