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Amiel Timothy Castillo

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Thesis

Cymbopogon citratus (Lemon Grass) extract; as an antipyretic medication and heatstroke prevention for native chicks Introduction Lemon Grass ( Cymbopogon Citratus ), is a native, perennial plant that has a long thick grass with leaves at the top and a solid portion several inches long at the root end. It has a light, lemony scent and flavor, with a hint of ginger. Lemon grass is one of the wondrous herbs which is very useful as medicinal plant and a delicious food flavoring. Statement of the problem The study entitled “Cymbopogon citratus (lemon grass) as an antipyretic medication and heat stroke prevention for native chicks” aims to reduce the body temperature from a raised state.
This study also ought to answer the following questions:

1.Can the extract of Lemon Grass be used in lowering the body temperature of the chicks?

2.Will the extract be effective in terms of antipyretic medication?

3.Can the extract help the chicks to prevent heat stroke? Hypotheses The following hypotheses were stated in null form:

1.Lemon Grass extract can’t be used in lowering the body temperature of the chicks.

2.Lemon Grass extract is not effective in terms of antipyretic medication.

3.Lemon Grass extract cannot prevent the heat stroke of the chicks. Significance of the study The main aim of the group in conducting this research is to lower the body temperature. The researchers are fully aware of all the happenings in the community, in the school, especially in poultries. This makes the researchers think of something that could help lessen the problems in the society.

>To poultry raisers- This product is conducted to determine whether we can use Lemon Grass extract as an agent for lowering the chicks’ body temperature.

>To the school- It is an important study for it helps students utilize their skills and knowledge in developing the new product of modern world. >To the researchers- For the researchers to explore the new world, know the significance and important roles of plants, and to open their eyes to the global-crisis that people are experiencing now.

>To the future researchers- This study may serve as a source of inspiration for other researchers who conduct a similar study in wider scale. METHODOLOGY
To provide the general approach and tools used in this study, this chapter discussed the method of research used and also included the materials used and procedures done in the experimentation.

Method of Research Used
The experimental and descriptive method of research will be the approach use for the entire conduct of this study to determine the usefulness of Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemon grass) for lowering the body temperature, wherein it will prevent the chicks to a further death from fever or heat stroke.

Statistical Tools
The researchers will use inferential statistics in this study wherein we will use the t-test.
In this study, the researchers are to find for the mean of the differences for each pair to represent the results that are expected from this study. This will help on how to understand and give more knowledge on how to excel and express more of the results for a better basis and clearer investigations. Data Gathering Techniques

•Survey Method
-The researchers asked some poultry raisers in the community about the problems that they are facing in the farms and one of this is how they are experiencing some chicks which are not having their normal temperature.

-The researchers observed that even the poultry raisers still can’t figure out a solution wherein they can prevent or maintain the temperature of chicks.

Materials Used in the Experiment
•Native chicks
•Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemon grass) extract
•Rectal Thermometers Statistical analysis The researchers used t – test to compare two dependent samples/ matched-pairs design experiments. It is a method of dividing the difference between the means by the standard difference or the number of pairs used.

SD = standard deviation of the differences between sample pairs of subjects. = 0.44
N = number of pairs. = 15 pairs
D = mean of the differences between pairs of subjects. = 0.77
= 11.15/15 = 0.77
t = D/ (SD/ √N) = 6.78 Summary of findings This study is conducted to determine whether we can use the extract of Lemon Grass, as an alternative medicinal agent for chicks, which will lessen its high body temperature.

The study arrived to answer the following questions:

1.Can the extract of Lemon Grass be used in lowering the body temperature of the chicks?

2.Will the extract be effective in terms of antipyretic medication?

3.Can the extract help the chicks to prevent heat stroke? Conclusions This invention proved that the Lemon Grass extract is effective, cheaper, and more convenient type of medication.
Upon testing, the presented hypothesis on the first chapter had proved that:

1. Lemon Grass extract can be used in lowering the body temperature of the chicks.

2. Lemon Grass extract is effective in terms of antipyretic medication for the chicks.

3. Lemon Grass extract can prevent heat stroke to the chicks. Recommendations For the improvement of the experiment, for future researchers, we recommend:

1. We suggest more trials of treatment to apply in the study for assurance of results.

2. Add more ingredients to extract of Lemon Grass for it to be more effective.

3. Consult a veterinarian for more information regarding the study. BIBLIOGRAPHY Constituents, Uses and Properties of Lemon Grass

Health Benefits of Lemon Grass

Study on Antipyretic Activity

Identifying a Healthy Chick

Chicken’s body temperature
http://www.chicken-yard.net/general/behavior.html Difference between the initial and final temperature in percentage The first step is to gather all the materials and samples needed for the experimentation. The researchers gathered accurate kinds of samples were in the chicks are in their same age which is 6 days old. Then, the initial temperature was taken and the chicks will intake the extract. After 15 minutes, the final temperature will be taken.

After making up the process of experimentations, we have succeeded on our goal, which is to lessen the body temperature of the chicks. As a result of its prevention to heat stroke, it surprisingly has another effect. It can also be an antipyretic medication, even though we didn’t put any virus to the chicks. It acts as a reagent to the chicks, wherein it answers our problems objectively.
Almuete, Samantha C.
(IV- Fe del Mundo)
Castillo, Amiel Timothy I.
Elago, Divine Grace M.
(IV- Paulo C. Campos)
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