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Christine Brasser

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

My Life
Mrs. Brasser
How to succeed in Mrs. Brasser's Classroom
South O'Brien
High School
• Be honest at all times and don’t ever cheat.
• Show me your work ethic!
• Communicate with me; don’t assume that I know something.
• Participate whenever you can in class and in labs.
• Be safe in the lab.
• Respect others and their property.
• Come in for help!
• Do extra credit when it is offered
• Do your own work.
• STUDY and/or REVIEW your class materials daily if possible.
• STUDY for your quizzes and exams—most of your grade is there!
• Go the extra mile, you may get tired, but it’s worth it!
• Come to school everyday, on time.
• Never make excuses.
• Enjoy learning, don’t just “get stuff done.”


Biology Major with chemistry and general science endorsements
Cell Phone Rules
1. Bring your cell phone to class everyday

2. Have your cell phone on silent

3. Place your cell phone on your desk corner on the yellow tape

4. Use your cell phone only when I ask you to take it out

5. Do not text your friends when you are using your cell phone in this classroom

6. If I see that you are using your cell phone when I have not requested them I will take it for the rest of the day

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