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Portrait of the Essay as a Warm Body

No description

ivy zhen

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of Portrait of the Essay as a Warm Body

Portrait of the Essay as a Warm Body

An essay is not meant to hold us back, but set us free
Essays resemble characters in a play or a novel, with a 'mind' or 'personality' of their own
The author's purpose
What makes a good essay?
To change the mind of writers on their views of writing an essay
The author's intended audience:
Highly-educated person
Title and Viewpoint Analysis
The title is creative and connected with the thesis
She presented her viewpoint very successfully
impassioned: The author spends the whole essay explaining her love for the craft.
imaginative: many imagery
philosophical: very analytic
Figurative language
Overall strengths
many comparison
well organized
interesting title
essay is personified
Improvement of the Essay
short,sweet,and to the point
relate to her own work rather than others
add humor
Cynthia Ozick
Born in New York city
She earned B.A. from New York university,then went on to study at Ohio State University
Short story writer, novelist, essayist
idiosyncratic: peculiar or individual
garrulous: excessively talkative,chattering
strenuous: use of a great amount of energy
Compare the poem to the essay
Essay should like a poem
Contradicts the popular belief of the essay
Body of the Essay
Article VS.Eaasy
Classic essays
Quotes from essay
Explanation of anthology
Voices/writing styles of authors
Her own experience
Essayist VS novelist
Essay as a woman
Literary Devices
"One of the pleasantest things in the world is going on a journey..."-William Hazlitt
"To go into outside, a man needs to retire as much from his chamber as from society..."-Ralph Waldo Emerson
" When I was a child, I discovered in the public library a book that enchanted me then, and the idea of which has enchanted me for life...."
Contrast or comparison
"An article is a gossip.An essay is reflection and insight..."
Details and description
" The essayist, let us say, unexpectedly stumbles over a pair of old blue boots in a corner of the garage..."
"And here is an irony. Though I have been intent on distinguishing the marrow of the essay from the marrow of fiction..."
Compare a woman to the essay
Describes the woman to be poetic
related to the introduction
The thesis and conclusion both are meant to show that essays should be freeing.
"An article is Siamese-twinned to its date of birth.An essay defines its date of birth, and ours too."
Overall weakness
Starts to lose her point in the middle of the essay
language is difficult to understand
The reasons of choosing this essay
Why I write
Portrait of the essay as warm body
Intended audience
Use difficult words

One describes that we should write essay rule by rule,another describes that essay should be freeing to write
Personal response
Title: "Portrait of the essay as a warm body"
"She is not a hidden principle a thesis or a construct:she is there, a living voice.She take us in."
Thank you!
Want to know the same and different pasts between this essay and the essay we read before.
Attracted by the title
Video about essay...
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