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thirza titch

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Coal

Global warming
How does it impact the increase of global warming?
By Mikey & Thirza
How is it made?
How does it generate electricity?
Common Uses

Other uses of coal as an energy resource are...
By Mikey
When plants and ferns that live in swamps die, they eventually form layers at the bottom of the swamps that they once lived in. Water and dirt begin to pile up on top of the dead plant remains. Over thousands of years pressure and heat builds up on top of the plant remains, undergoing chemical and physical changes and pushing out the oxygen, turning these remains into what we call coal.

electricity generation
steel production
cement manufacturing
a liquid fuel
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Coal isn't renewable,
But methane is, MOO!
Coal-fired electricity generating involves burning black or brown coal that has been crunched into a fine powder to make it more flammable. The heat produced is then used to boil water into steam. This is then used to spin a turbine connected to an electrical generator, creating the electricity that we use in our daily lives.
1. Coal energy is very affordable due to its stable price
2. There is lots of coal energy
3. It is easy to burn
4. Reliability is entailed and presented in this form of energy
5. This form of energy produces high energy upon its combustion process.
What are the advantages of using coal?
http://occupytheory.org/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-coal/ http://www.davidsuzuki.org/issues/climate-change/science/energy/coal/ http://climate.nasa.gov/causes/

One coal plant can produce as much green houses gases as 200,000 cars
Coal produces more CO2 than any other fossil fuel
When heat from the sun reaches Earth's surface it would usually radiate back into space in the form of infrared heat. Unfortunately about 90% of this infrared heat is absorbed by green house gases (like CO2) and radiated back to Earth's surface.
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