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Travel Writing: Persuasive Adverts

No description

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Travel Writing: Persuasive Adverts

Travel Writing: Persuasive Adverts
Learning Objectives
Over the next few weeks we will be using 'travel' to look closely at persuasive writing.
Writing Persuasively
Step 4
Dragons den

Persuasive pitches
Give example from Dragon's Den

Task: Dragon's Den are coming to Queens. You must write a persuasive putch that encourages them to invest in a holiday destination.
Step 5
Today's learning objectives:
To recap persuasive techniques and identify their use in holiday advertisements.
To begin to create our own holiday adverts, putting persuasive techniques into practice.
Why bother persuading?
Why must holiday adverts be persuasive?
How do they persuade us?
Thinking back to your war speeches, what persuasive techniques can you remember?

Analysing Text
Together we are going to evaluate the ways in which this holiday advert persuades us to 'cough up the cash'.
On your own write down your answer to the following question:
What techniques can you identify in this holiday advert?

How does the advert persuade us to go on holiday?
Group Challenge.
Each group will be given a persuasive technique.
As a group: Create a short paragraph that uses this technique to maximum effect and persuades tourists to summer in the UK.
Writing your advert
Now you have listened to each group's ideas, write out your own holiday advert persuading tourists to summer in the UK.
In pairs: Read the article and identify the ways in which it is persuasive

Annotate your copy of the text.
As a class we are going to create a persuasive holiday advert that encourages tourists to summer in the U.K.
The beginning has been done for you...
Fed up burning in the Spanish sun? Always embarrassed when your lost in translation? Then why not summer close to home this year and discover those sights the UK has kept secret.
Each group will read out their paragraph in 5 minutes.
Rhetorical Questions
Direct Address
Inclusive Language
Emotive language
Why might we spend summer in the UK rather than going abroad?
Feedback: Write down excellent sentences you hear, noting down those I put on the board.

See Lisa about whether this is too repetitive?
Dragon's Den are ready to invest in this year's 'hottest' holiday destination.

You are an travel entrepreneur, passionate about getting tourists to your favourite holiday spot!

Task: You will be writing a persuasive pitch, asking the Dragons to invest £1,000000 in your chosen destination.
What is Dragon's Den?
Give background info

Give an example of a pitch
What must my pitch include?
Class create success criteria.

To be successful, What do you think your pitch should include?
Idea on how it could be structured:
- Introduction to the destination.
- What tourists can do/ see.
- What the money would be used for.
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