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Leonardo Da Vinci

No description

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Impact to Modern World
The last supper
The painting
Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan
Inspirited painting
Presented by Group 4

5430054 Penput U.
5431035 Kanin P.
5431036 Jedsada T.
5431041 Thitiwat A.
5510019 Chaiyaphak C.
5514319 Thanapoom S.
5515270 Siridra S.
5515809 Prapatsorn W.
5537540 Chayaporn A.
5611172 Ananyaporn K.
5615624 Intuon K.
The painting's content
The importance of number 3
Depiction of reaction of 12 disciples
Dry plaster
Coated the wall with layer of resin
The details of human emotion
Mona Lisa
Place of Birth
Casa Leonardo
April 15, 1452
in Vinci, Tuscani, Italy
Raised by

Ser Piero, his father
His Teacher
the sculptor and painter
Place of Death
May 2, 1519
Amboise, Kingdom of France
His Famous work
77 cm.
53 cm.
Who is Mona Lisa ?
The meaning of name
Oil on poplar
Year C. 1503 - C. 1517
Dimensions 77 cm. x 53 cm.
Madonna Lisa Di Antonio Maria Gheradini
Giorgio Vasari
Madam Lisa
The Louvre museum
Scuba Suit(Diving Suit)
Armored Tank
Vitruvian Man

*most famous flying machine inventions
*ideally displays his powers of observation and imagination
*this invention is clearly inspired by the flight of winged animals
Central Framework Of Leonardo's Human-Powered Ornithopter - ca. 1485
A Mechanical Wing Device - ca. 1485
Another Mechanical Wing Device - ca. 1485
Leonardo's Human-Powered Ornithopter - ca. 1485
Leonardo also considered the prospect of gliding flight, as evidenced by the small sketches above-ca. 1485
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