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Copy of Business Plan

Invight Light Bulb


on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Business Plan

Business Plan
Honey Gateaux

Company Description
Industry Analysis
Financial Plan
Administrative Plan
Operation Plan
Marketing Plan
Market Analysis

Cafeteria selling homemade dessert
Open on 1st January 2014
L1-05, Gurney Paragon Mall,
Gurney Drive, 10350 Penang, Malaysia

For more information, please contact
Mr Chong 014-3496854
mail: MK_Chong@h.gateaux.com

To make Honey Gateaux the most renowned healthy homemade dessert house in Malaysia.

Mission statement
To provide the best service and varieties of homemade and healthy products to customers in a relaxing environment.

“Healthy, Comfortable, Delicious and Delightful”

“Get the Cake That Everyone Is Talking About”

Industry Analysis

highly fragmented
valued US$ 4.9 - 5.5 billion today
growing average rate of 6.5% per annum over the past five years
expect to grow at between 7%-10% per annum over the next three to five years.
The restaurant sub-sector = 70% of the total food service sales in 2008

Source from: “Market Watch 2012”, The Malaysian Food Industry


developed tourism industry
-tourists like to dine out

increase in disposable income
-seek high quality and diverse foodstuffs

increase in health awareness and food safety concern
- demand for healthier meal options

Long term prospects

The key trends are expected to continue and enlarge their influence, leading to a range of innovative products to satisfy this demand.

Potential market
Ethnic Group
Source from: Department of Statistics Malaysia
Gurney Paragon Mall, Timur Laut distinct of Penang
Market segmentation
Source from: Department of Statistics Malaysia
Population aged 20-30
Strong and stable purchasing power
Source : 10th Malaysia Plan 2011-2015, pg 399
Middle/ high income level

Competitor Analysis
Secret Recipe
Paddington House of Pancake
Pie Harbour


• Provides organic and fresh food.
• Variety of choices and flavours of desserts in the menu
• Well- experienced management team
• Smart marketing methods and strong social networking.
• Delivering packaging solutions with freshness, protection and the highest standards of food hygiene.

• High expenses in terms of rental fees and office equipments
• Do not serve heavy meals which can satisfy hunger.
• Low width of products which serve only desserts and beverages

Estimation of Sales
Points of Differentiation

90% natural and organic food is provided.
Establish a pleasant and cozy environment.
Maintain a high standard of food and beverages quality.
Well-trained employees who provide high quality services and concern about the needs of customers.


Increase sales by 12% every year.
Attract new customers at an increased rate of 5% per quarter.
Project a reasonable net profit by the end of five years of operation.
Increase net profit by at least 10% per year.

Pricing Strategy

Value-based Pricing
Psychological Pricing

Promotion Mix

Happy hours (10% off per slice of cake for dine-in only from 3pm-6pm excluding public holidays and weekends)
Memberships (A RM10 voucher will be given after application, collect points and redeem special meal)
Discounts (10% for student card, 10% for members)
Print advertisements (flyers, banners)
Suggestion box
Special event discounts

Mr Chua Seong Meng
Serve as Executive Director of Oldtown Bhd
Role: to advise and consult us about the management flow of our café
Salary: Will be paid semiannually RM10,000 in 2014, Increased by 5% per year

Board of Advisor
Operation Flow Diagram
Process of purchasing raw materials.
Process of managing inventory

Process of preparing food and beverage
Process of ordering

Proximity to a qualified labor force
Closeness to suppliers
Proximity to a high-quality community
Proximity to tourist

Advantages of location
Architecture plan of Honey Gateaux

Cost of equipments
Develop its unique capabilities to gain competitive competition advantage for its competitor.
Honey Gateaux will compete on 3 main objectives in its operation strategy
Compete on price and cost
Compete on quality
Compete on services

Operation strategy and plans

Product development plan
Honey Gateaux will open at Gurney Paragon on January 1, 2014

Completed milestones
Milestones to be completed
Require approximately RM42 000 renovation costs to make suitable for the café’s purposes
An architectural firm will provide layout plans for our cafe renovation.
Reduction in noise throughout the facility.
Designed to take best advantage of the cool breezes
All the materials used during renovation are eco-friendly
Honey Gateaux is designed based on botanical theme

Renovation of Building
Completion of renovation
Purchase of raw material and equipment
Exceeding costs of budgeted items

Challenges and Risks
Development budget
A total of RM23,070 of kitchen equipment will be obtained as follows:
Sources of Funds

Start-up Expenses

Ratio Analysis

Income statement
“Healthy, Comfortable, Delicious and Delightful”

“Get the Cake That Everyone Is Talking About”

Skills profile and gaps in management team
Cash Flow
Company Description
Industry Analysis
Market Analysis
Marketing Plan
Administration Plan
Operations and Developmental Plan
Financial Plan

Executive Summary
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