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No description

Anna Pyrtchenkov

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Applewood

Applewood Heights Secondary School A Normal Day in Applewood - 4 periods Each class is 75 minutes
- Period 1: 8:10 - 9:29 long and students have 4
- Period 2: 9:33 - 10:49. minutes between classes.
- Lunch : 10:49 - 12:02 There are 2 days in Applewood.
-Period 3 : 12:08 - 1:23 Odd calendar days are day 1, even
-Period 4 : 1:27 - 2:42 calendar days are day 2. Courses Available in Grade 9
Mathematics --> locally developed, principles of mathematics,
foundations of mathematics
Healthy and active living
French --> immersion (science, geography)
English --> academic, applied
Arts --> visual art, music, drama
Business studies
Exploring technologies
Food and nutrition Some Interesting Athletic Clubs Girls basketball Golf
Girls field hockey Boys basketball
Boys Ice Hockey Girls volleyball
Table Tennis Badminton
Baseball Cricket
Rugby Girls Slo-Pitch
Track and Field (Co-Ed) Boys Soccer
Cross-Country Girls Soccer
Boys football Boys volleyball
Tennis Possible Awards You Can Earn at Applewood What are Some Things You Need to Buy to Go to Applewood? Yearbook (optional) --> $40.00
Lock --> $8.00 (refunded at the end of the fourth year
in Applewood)
Photo ID and Agenda --> $40.00
Gym Clothes --> T-Shirt, shorts/sweatpants. So Why Should I Go to Applewood? Applewood in a very interesting and exciting school.
It is rich in every aspect;the arts, the athletics and the academics, and it is a great place to be in to figure out what you truly like to do before university. You can try everything out and have a great time! Applewood feels like a second Tomken because of its welcoming students and teachers. Finally, you also get your bilingual certificate, which gives you open doors for every interesting job with a high salary and great benefits. If you think you are going to miss Tomken, here is a place for you! You can earn a few possible awards at Applewood. First of all, because it has a major athletic program, you can receive athletic awards, such as these:
The Team MVP Award --> athlete contributing the most to the team's success.
Junior Athletes of the Year/Senior Athletes of the Year --> presented to the best athlete on their second/third or fourth year of high school.
Team Most Improved Player Certificate --> presented to the athlete who has demonstrated the most improvement.

There are also a few general awards, like these:
Academic Letter --> presented to those who have honour roll every year (80% average)
Athletic letter --> requirement of 80 points from attaining athletic activities.
Citizenship letter --> requirement of 50 points.
Arts letter --> requirement of 80 points.
Those who have 2 letters may get a silver key at the end of the year. For 3 letters, you may get a gold key and for 4 - a platinum key. Drama really counts at Applewood, so people can find out what they are really good at. So here is a play in Applewood to show how drama is really like. Other Clubs At Applewood Some of the interesting clubs in Applewood are the
different school bands you can participate in and the many clubs related to many other unique characteristics, suiting each person.
Here are just a few: Choir
Gourmet Club Yearbook Committee
Drama Club Announcements
Spanish Club Athletic Association
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