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Newgen - Corporate Presentation

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Vidhya Gowrishankar

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Newgen - Corporate Presentation

Presenting Newgen Company Profile Newgen was established in 1996 by Prabhakar Ram In ten years, the company has grown by more than 50 percent year on year, with 80 percent of growth each year coming from repeat business, making Newgen one of the largest and fastest-growing publishing and data services providers in the world Newgen–Austin allows us to offer “best-shore” services to U.S. publishers, with individual publishing tasks being handled either in the United States or in India In 2005, Newgen bought G&S typesetters in Austin, Texas Our driver is to provide reliable and stable levels of service to clients, without the cyclicality associated with outsourcing to India In 2006, Newgen’s entire India operation was ISO 9001 certified The NY group of Newgen has rich, core publishing experience and offers development editing and total project management services. In 2008, Newgen opened office in NY for Development Editorial work In 2011, Franklin Templeton, Aureos South Asia Fund, and ePlanet Capital bought over stakes from the Carlyle Group By name Major Prepress Clients Cambridge University Press Columbia University Press Informa Journals Institute of Physics Publishing Jones and Bartlett McGraw-Hill Nature Publishing Group Oxford University Press O’Reilly Palgrave Macmillan Springer New York Taylor & Francis University of Chicago Press Wolters Kluwer Penton By strand Major Prepress Clients Legal professional Medical professional Journals Academic monographs Continuing education School books Undergraduate and graduate textbooks Ancillaries English language teaching Major reference works Dictionaries Magazines Technical publishing Complete Publishing Solutions Evolution of services Typesetting
Artwork Editing and indexing Project management Full service, including print Development
Editing Illustration
& Design Document Management CDs, eBooks SGML/XML Conversion Three offices in Chennai, one office in Bangalore, one in Mumbai, one in Austin, one in New York, and a liaison office in Oxford serving the UK and Europe
700+ staff worldwide
2,500,000+ pages of typesetting done annually
2,000,000+ pages of data conversion done annually
Dedicated R&D team
24/7 operations
High-speed dedicated links for fast data transfer, redundancy built into communications infrastructure, and offsite/offshore data backups Metrics Function Centric Cell-Based Production Pagination Coding Reading Quality The job moves
from one
functional group
to the other Project-Centric Cell-Based Production Job Job Teams within
teams Functional groups Job The standard arrangement for production in the industry is by functional silos: a room full of coders, a room full of paginators, then proofreaders, then QCs. As many as 40 people may work on a book of 10 chapters. So who owns the project? In 2001, Newgen moved to client-based teams to
increase ownership. By 2006, many client-based
teams were the size of a small company in themselves.
During 2006, we made the switch to cell-based operations
across the business. Four people work together, in the
same shift, to complete one project at a time, with constant
feedback between individual performers. Scalability Cell-Based Production Project Manager Module Leader 1 Module Leader 2 Cell 2 Cell 1 Cell 2 Cell 1 QC Proofreader Paginator XML
Coder QC QC QC Proofreader Proofreader Proofreader Paginator Paginator Paginator XML
Coder XML
Coder XML
Coder Cell-Based Production Proofreader Paginator QC XML Coder Dispatch 1 2 3 4 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 2 3 4 Work on any title begins with the incoming job study by the cell QC. The XML coder takes up chapter 1 and completes the tagging. The coder passes the tagged file for Chapter 1
to the paginator. The coder starts on Chapter 2. If the paginator finds problems in Chapter 1, he provides immediate feedback to the coder so that the same problems don’t recur in Chapter 2. The coder can pass Chapter 2 when it is finished but can’t start Chapter 3 until the paginator begins on Chapter 2. This is a pull not a push system. Work continues to be pulled around the circle from coder to paginator to proofreader to QC. Benefits to the business and the client Cell-Based Production All functions are within a cell (from job analysis to final dispatch) One cell handles only one book at a time The team owns the book The book is processed chapterwise; feedback is immediate People quickly learn the next operation’s requirements Production planning is simplified People gain specific knowledge about the type of work they handle. (A cell continuously working on humanities jobs becomes well versed in the client’s requirements for that stream of titles.) ISO 9001 In 2006, Newgen’s India operations achieved ISO 9001 certification. There are many reasons a company might seek certification; at Newgen, we are clear that the processes, workflows, systems, and tools we put in place should result in sustainable improvement, without the cyclicality of performance that afflicts many outsourcing companies. In addition to the 6-monthly external surveillance audits, Newgen has an internal audit team that monitors process adherence 24/7. We follow three main categories of audit:

Critical process audits: When systems change because of a client feedback, the new systems may need to be monitored every day, every shift, every 20 minutes. Audit findings are discussed immediately with the stakeholders.

Cell audits: Random audits of cells within the production teams ensure compliance with the fundamental rules of cell-based/pull manufaturing.

Technical audits: Domain experts ensure that each person works within a “best practices” framework for the role he or she is performing. Individuals are coached one on one to upgrade skills, and a skills matrix is maintained centrally by the HR team. The domain experts are also alert for technology improvements that will help people work more efficiently. Workflow Tools RT is Newgen’s Web-based mail management system.
Incoming mails are sorted automatically into client queues
without the requirement for a specific subject line. Mails are classified by project and by stage: an artworker about to take up a job can search on its job ID and “artwork” to find all the relevant mails—even those that are 6 months old. Anyone in the team can see and add comments on a mail; the team’s customer support executive collates these comments into a reply to the client. Workflow Tools Online status tracking allows clients to log in to a live status report for any project. The system is particularly useful for keeping track of large reference works and batched projects. It can also be used to upload and download proofs (and to chase delinquent authors who fail to download their proofs within a pre-specified period. Copyediting It’s tempting to say that there is no such thing as copyediting, by which we mean that each client has a different definition of the appropriate level and mode of editing. Add to this the different disciplines and strands of publishing that we handle and the different requirements of the authors we manage, and flexibility becomes key. We ask publishers to work with us to build a dedicated team of editors attuned to their requirements and expectations. Copyediting CE Genius is Newgen’s in-house editing tool for books and journals. It generates a style sheet from the author’s files,
showing majority style
choices and deviations, to kick-start the copyeditor’s job study. The tool manages the structuring and normalization of files for XML output, publisher style sheet imposition, consistency checking (of spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, italicization, lists, and punctuation), citation matching and reference checking against online databases, standard language checks, boilerplate queries, abbreviations, and subject-specific dictionaries. Project Management The requirements of project management vary by client and by title. Some of our clients publish standardized products that follow regimented workflows. Others monitor milestones in the publishing process but allow the project manager to devise the best intermediate strategies to reach those milestones. The most complex projects require the highest level of “improvisation” and product and market knowledge. To the extent possible, we will replicate your internal systems for editing and production. Regimented Low Deviation Free Form Project Management Newgen’s project managers have the same KRAs as any production editor in the industry: quality, schedule, and cost. They join us from a variety of backgrounds and industries—editing, publishing, customer service, quality systems.

Each works for a single client, and each may handle between 5 and 30 titles at one time, depending on complexity.

They know that your authors are your assets, and they work to make the publishing experience an enjoyable one. Composition Newgen offers composition services in Quark, InDesign, Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (formerly 3B2), XPP, LaTeX, and Miscrosoft Word. Each platform is best suited to a particular range of composition work. Artwork Art Log
Creation Input
Audit Work-type
Segregation Style Sheet
Creation Sample
Review Assignment
to Artist Preflighting Proofreading Correction QC &
Preflighting For Further Information, Contact Maran Elancheran
Email maran@newgen.co
Mobile +1 512-870-7106

David Raj
Email davidrajj@newgen.co
Mobile +91 9940638988

Sales Inquiries : sales@newgen.co

Linda Thomas
Sales Director - USA
Email lindat@newgen.co
Mobile +1 703-297-1473

Bill Grosskopf
VP - Customer Support
Email bill@newgen.co
Mobile +1 512-870-7106
phone +1 512-478-5341

M.Hemadri Harish
Manager-Business Development(eBooks)
Email harish@newgen.co

Girish Sundaram
Head-Business Development(Localization DTP)
Email girish@newgen.co Archiving Language intervention Copy preparation complexity The University of Arizona Press University Press of Florida University of Hawaii University of Iowa Press University of Virginia Press University of Texas University of Wisconsin Woodhead publishing Yale University Press texterity Pearson People's Medical Publishing House University of Pittsburgh Press Psychology Press Royal Horticultural Society Sage Journals sourcebooks Stanford University Press TCU Temple University Press Oxfam IEEE Infobase Publishing Informa Healthcare ingentaconnect Kaplan Luz Learning Matters Medscape Michigan The MIT Press nxtbook media ASME C&T Publishing CCH Chase Publishing CORE CPI CRC Press Dawson Books Duke University Fordham University Harvard Business Hypergraphic Press I.B.Tauris
India Offices

Newgen KnowledgeWorks Pvt Ltd
#60/3, Lattice Bridge Road
Chennai - 600 041, India
Phone +91-44-43480800, 42020549
Fax +91-44-24430740

Newgen KnowledgeWorks Pvt Ltd
#2/579, Singaravelan Street
Chinna Neelankarai
Chennai - 600 041, India
Phone +91-44-42922951
Fax +91-44-24430740

Newgen KnowledgeWorks Pvt Ltd
# 22/13, Z Block, 11th Street
Anna Nagar
Chennai - 600 040, India
Phone +91-44-42105011 / 42105012

Newgen KnowledgeWorks Pvt Ltd
No. 682, 16th Main
4th T Block, Jayanagar
Bangalore – 560 041, India
Phone +91 80-4114 6743, 4123 7604

Newgen Knowledge Works Pvt Ltd
#419, Morya Estate, Opp.Infinity Mall
New Link Road, Andheri West
Mumbai - 400 053, India
Phone +91 9500094219 U.S. Offices

Newgen KnowledgeWorks Pvt Ltd
200 Executive Blvd
Ossining, NY 10562
Phone +1 914-762-4020
Fax +1 914-762-4558

Newgen KnowledgeWorks Pvt Ltd
2714 Bee Cave Road, Suite 201
Austin, TX 78746
Phone +1 512-478-5341
Fax +1 512-476-4756 Worldwide sales and general enquiries
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