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The Hobbit

An Analysis of the Hobbit according to the Heroic Cycle. By Devyn Davidson.

Devyn Davidson

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of The Hobbit

Double click anywhere & add an idea THE HERO Timid

Complainative Weak Herald of the Call Gandalf Traits of a Herald Old Sick Hermit Dying Hermit Old CALL TO ADVENTURE "I will go so far as to send you on this adventure. Very amusing for me, very good for you---" - Gandalf. Gandalf arrives to Bilbo's home offering adventure. Immediately Bilbo refuses which leads to... Refusal of the Call "Sorry, I don't want any adventures here, thank you. Not today. Good morning. But please come to tea-- any time you like. Why not tomorrow? Good-bye." - Bilbo Refusal becomes his undoing. Gandalf carves a symbol on the door that means "burgler for hire." Bilbo's offer of tea is taken seriously and Thorin and party show up to hire him. Bilbo is forced into adventure. The Helpers Gandalf Thorin Gloin Oin Fili Kili Dwalin Balin Bifur Bofur Bombur Nori Dori Ori Helpers Represent? Hero's need to be brave Hero's need to be strong Hero's need to seek adventure Crossing the threshold TRolls Bilbo is forced into a situation where he must rescue his friends, something he has never done before Enters the world of the unknown,
a world full of monsters and dangers,
unlike his Shire home THe Road of Trials Trial # 1 : Riddles in the Dark Trial # 2 : The Spiders Trial # 3 : The wood elves Trial # 4 : The Dragon Nadir Father Attonement Confrontation with Fatherly Figure Meeting the Goddess Coming to terms with female companion or Straying from path by temptress Apotheosis Character dies, transcending physical form Character becomes god-like Elixir THeft Character achieves goal of quest All steps in the hero's journey prepare them for this Elixir Theft applies to the Hobbit because Bilbo achieves the goal he had set out to do. In the beginning of his quest he was weak, each trial made him stronger and more able to complete the task that lie ahead. Trial # 5 : The war The riddle duel Bilbo and Gollum face off in a Riddle Challenge . Although it is challenging, Bilbo wins when he asks Gollum the question "What is in my pocket?" The question stumps Gollum which causes him to lose the riddle contest. Although the question was a cheat, Bilbo learns how valuable it is to be clever and quick-thinking. Giant Spiders Thorin-and-company are captured by giant spiders in Mirkwood. Bilbo, luckily, was left unscathed and decided to make a rescue attempt. He lured the spiders out of hiding by taunting them, then when they were scattered he would attack and pick them off one by one. Ultimately from this trial Bilbo learned his own strength. He also learned his leadership capabilities as this trial was the first time the Dwarves had actually relied on Bilbo for help. Captured Bilbo's companions are, once again, captured. This time they are taken captive by wood elves. Bilbo was wearing the ring so he was able to slip inside the prison where they were being taken, unnoticed. Again leadership fell upon Bilbo, he was forced to decide how to help his companions escape. Bilbo's leadership skills are matured further. Also Bilbo uses his cunning to sneak around and steal objects such as keys, becomming more and more like his profession: A Burgler. Smaug When they arrive to the Mountain, Bilbo is volunteered to scout the secret entrance. He enters to find the might Smaug lying atop treasure. Bilbo manages to steal a goblet his first appearance, angering the dragon and prompting him to breathe fire in Bilbo's direction. However when Bilbo confront Smaug and speaks to him, his real learning experiences are shown. His leadership and courage is expressed by the fact that he was the one who first confronted the dragon. His cunning and cleverness are shown through his riddle speak while giving the dragon his many names. Overall Bilbo is much different than the timid hobbit we first met. With the fall of Laketown the wood elves and the humans begin to blame Thorin-and-company for the angry dragon. They march to the Misty Mountain and demand that Thorin hand ove r the treasure for damages. Thorin, being greedy refuses. The two leaders decide to declare war upon the Dwarves inside the Mountain, an obviously unwinnable battle for them. Bilbo takes it upon himself to try and quell the fight by handing over Thorin's most beloved possesion: The Arken Stone. Bilbo learns from the scenario that although what he did was honorable it might've not been the right thing to do considering the damage it cost. Magic Flight The Unknown The Known Return Frodo begins his journey home. To keep things from getting complicated he sacrifices his portion of the treasure so the Lakemen and the Wood Elves will be content. Returning over the Threshold Return Home for Tea Bilbo returns home. He appears to be content with his life in the Shire. Although things are different now. He is rich and treated differently by his fellow hobbits. It doesn't seem to affect Bilbo though.
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