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Why I Don't "Like" You

This presentation will cover what to do (and not to do) to build lasting relationships with your fans after they click the Like (or Follow) button.

Carie Lewis

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of Why I Don't "Like" You

Why I Don't "Like" You:
Strategies and Tactics for Continued Social Engagement
My name is Carie,
and I'm a social media addict.
“I just got a keychain and address labels in the mail from you guys. Now that I see you posting on Facebook and know you're legit, I'll be sending a donation. Thanks for the work you do.”

– Posted to our Facebook Page wall, January 2010
Background on Social Media at HSUS
Includes Facebook, Twitter, online volunteers, and mobile.
6 full time staffers and an in-house intern.. and 5 office dogs
New position opened in 2012 for enterprise-wide social media management
We focus 70% of our time on Facebook because that’s where our constituents are right now
We raise about $200k annually on Facebook
Our Facebook network includes an official HSUS Fan Page and 101 other ancillary presences
Over 150 staffers at HSUS manage a Facebook presence as a (small) part of their job
We use Twitter primarily as a customer service / relationship building tool
Our constituents are on Facebook, but not on Twitter
Everything we do online is tied to advocacy and fundraising
Our Social Media Strategy
Be where people are
Stay on top of latest trends
Research new opportunities
Train staff & have guidelines
Take an integrated approach
Measure everything!
Learn from others & adapt
Executive participation
Showcase successes
Be transparent
Respond to everyone
Don’t be afraid to fail
Learn from mistakes
Carie Lewis
Director of Emerging Media
The Humane Society of the United States
Here's the Problem.
Too many marketers are treating the Facebook “Like” (or Twitter “follow”) as the success metric
for social media.

This is the start of a relationship in social media,
not the end.
This is wrong for two reasons.
1 - Success is no longer about how many friends you have
2 - It's what happens after the "Like" that matters.
Do your fans do what you want them to do?
How will you engage with me so that I'll come back?
So, you're acquiring "Likes" and Followers...
Incorporating share tools on your website and email
Facebook ads
Tagging others in posts
Participating as your page elsewhere on Facebook
Retweeting others on Twitter
Asking people to retweet, share your content
Integrating social efforts into your website and email
Replicating all events on Facebook and establishing Twitter hashtags
Using widgets for Like boxes and Twitter hashtags
Connecting with your existing friends, coworkers, partners, vendors
...Now, you need to remember a few things.
Businesses and organizations have caught on.
People are getting inundated with branded messaging in their feeds.
Remember: people didn’t join Facebook to connect with your org or business. They joined because of their friends and family.
It’s so easy to hit the “Like” button! It’s also REAL easy to hit that “unlike” or “hide” button.

You must be relevant, interesting, concise, responsive,
and provide VALUE to your fans.
So here's what you SHOULDN'T DO.
Mistake #1: You're posting too much.
If you post 5 times a day and you’re all I see in my newsfeed,
I’m going to Unlike you. You’re just not that important.
Mistake #2: You're posting too little.
If I come to your page and the last time you posted was months ago, I’m not going to Like you. I’m bored already.
Mistake #3: All you do is talk about yourself.
If I come to your page and all you’re doing is self promoting, I see right through you. Play nice with others!
Mistake #4: Your page is nothing but text.
I’m a Facebook user. I don’t read. If I come to your page and it’s nothing but status updates, 3 lines long, no photos or videos to break it up, I’m not going to take the time to read any of that.
It's okay, HRC are my friends. I've given them this feedback.
Mistake #5: All you do is SELL SELL SELL.
If your page feels like a used car lot and all you do is push your products or ask for donations, I’m going to Unlike you. That’s not why I’m on Facebook.
Mistake #6: You're ignoring me.
If all you do is post to your page and never answer anyone’s questions or comments, I’m going elsewhere. If I just wanted to read everything you’re doing, I’d go to your website.
Mistake #7: You automate your posts.
If I see you post to Facebook with a hashtag one more time, I’m going to Unlike you. I’m not on Twitter, I don’t get it. If you can’t take the time to talk to me like a Facebook user, I’m going to find someone else who will.
Mistake #8: I can't find you.
If I’m trying to find you on Facebook or Twitter and you don’t have links on your website, you may never see me again. I prefer to communicate on those channels and I don’t want to spend a lot of time looking!
And perhaps most important... think like a Facebook user.
Mistake #9: I can't participate on your page.
What? You disabled comments on your page? Again, if I wanted to just read I would go to your website. You’re defeating the entire purpose on Facebook by disabling features.
Mistake #10: I can't share your content.
I’m on your email list because I really care about one of your issues. When I get your email, I can’t share it on Facebook, you only give me the option to email my friends. Most of my friends don’t even have personal email addresses anymore, so, I guess we’re done here.
So what's a marketer to do?
Average % of people who click "Like"
then never visit the page again:
You must find a way to be relevant, interesting, concise, responsive, and provide VALUE to your fans.
Here's what you SHOULD Do.
Be a user yourself.
Play by the rules.
Close the loop.
Answer everyone.
Use photos and video.
Get fancy. Steal ideas!
Connect with your uber-fans.
Show people how their time, money
and efforts are making a difference.
Plan it out. But be flexible.
Pay attention to feedback.
Be timely.
Ask for input.
Don't be so serious all the time!
Create your own memes.
Maintain a consistent voice.
Participate elsewhere as your page.
Make it a safe place.
Even if you don't post everyday. come to manage
your page. Have a commenting policy.
Make friends, cross promote.
Provide exclusivity.
Make real-world events social.
Put a Facebook event link on your registration confirmation page, and ask for Twitter handles in the registration process.
Yer doin it wrong! Fail!
Have you made some of these mistakes? Not doing any of these best practices?
It's not too late. Learn from it and move on!
"You may not have time for social media,
but social media has plenty of time for your org."
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