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New Student Orientation

Andrew Rivera

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of NSO

Road to Success Road to Success REFUND

. Online at:
www.fafsa.ed.gov Central Campus Office
Building 19 Rm 104
Phone: 954-201-6573 Trip Planning

. Mentoring Programs
Disability Services
Wellness Center
Daycare Facility
Faculty and Staff Student Success Financial Services Advising/
Counseling The CAREER CENTER
Location: Bldg. 19/Student Success Office
Hours: 8:00 am to 6:30 pm Need Direction? Your Goal? Your Major? Motivation? Not Sure? Student Handbook
and Planner

_ Hard Copy or On-Line at:
Current College Catalog

Catalog Year
Depends on Continuous Enrollment

Rights and Responsibilities

Important dates Road Safety Information Roadside Assistance? Stress • Anxiety • Depression
Low self-esteem • Anger • Suicidal thoughts
Violent thoughts • Alcoholism or substance abuse
Sexual assault • and more Are you dealing with...? Student Assistance Program Program
Highlights 24-Hour Hotline
Six free visits with a licensed mental health
Additional sessions priced at your ability to pay
Full-or-part-time students are eligible for services
Your counseling is confidential by law. Information about your treatment will not be released without your written permission. Please make sure to have a
valid Broward College ID card.

To schedule an appointment
or for 24-hour crisis support
call: 954-424-6916 Dr. Mercedes Quiroga Dean of Academic
Affairs Roy Pocknee David Asencio Campus President Dean of Students (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr CAMPUS ADMINISTRATION
Who is our Dean of Students ?

Students may not repeat courses when a grade of what or better is received?

What online tools can be used for what services? Name two. Office Hours
Mon – Thurs: 7:30 am – 7:30 pm
Friday: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm Building 19, Room 114
(954) 201-6626 24 Hour
Campus Coverage

Designated Smoking Area

Breathe Easy Smoke Free Campus
Except in Designated
Areas Servicing All Your Educational
Needs Since 1960! Tutoring, Learning Labs, and Smart Thinking Library (Building 17)
Second Floor
(954) 201-6660 ME WE Issues Student Identification
Provides Lectures, Workshops, and Retreats
Supports the following missions:
C.A.B. & H.S.L.
Student Government
Student Organizations/Clubs
Faculty Enhancement Programming

This organization handles
all programming related activities on campus. Open Gym (Basketball)
Basketball League
Open Outdoor Soccer
Martial Art Programs
Flag Football League
Zendo Meditation
Activity Classes Intramural Sports

Women’s Volleyball

Women’s Tennis

Women’s Soccer

Men’s Soccer Intercollegiate Athletics

Men’s Baseball

Women’s Softball

Women’s Basketball

Men’s Basketball Spends his time in college as our local mascot. Sammy can be seen cheering on our athletic teams at home games, walking around campus on the way to class, and at special functions like
New Student Orientation! SAMMY
The Seahawk Organizations and Clubs Approximately 40 student organizations on Campus

Competitive involvement

Conference participation

National travel

Host events

Scholarship Opportunities

Tutoring What are two cultural events Student Life coordinates?

How many clubs can be found college-wide?

What are two service projects you can participate in?

How many athletic teams are at the college? Diving Trips Tigertail Lake Center High & Low
Ropes Courses Conference
Center Canoeing Sailing The Road Less Traveled Leads to . . . Honors Societies:
Phi Theta Kappa & Kappa Delta Pi
Competitive Edge Leadership Program
Mentoring Opportunities
Brain Bowl & Math Team 1. What department can help you with an Educational Plan?

a. The Library
b. Student Life
c. Student Success
d. Testing Center

a. Student Access Program
b. Student Assistance Program
c. Students Against Planning
d. Students Always Partying 3. What is a Learning Community?

a. It’s an office located in the library
b. A place where everyone takes classes
c. A great place to get some rest after studying
d. A cohort of students taking classes together and completing integrated assignments 4. What does FAFSA stand for?

a. Free Assessment of Student Finances Application
b. Federal Association for Student Funding Application
c. Fun and free scholarship allocations
d. Free Application for Federal Student Aid 5. If I need extra assistance in my classes I can go to…

a. Student Life
b. The Learning Resource Center
c. Facebook
d. Career Center Student Assistance Program

. CAMPUS SAFETY DEPARTMENT The Repair Shop The Learning Resource Center Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service
Service Scholarships are available!

Located in Building 19/Room 108 C.A.B. NAME AND EVALUATION

. Scantron must
be submitted in order
to obtain attendance credit. Robert “Bob” Elmore Honors Institute Robert “Bob” Elmore Honors Institute Phone: (954) 201-6612 Central Campus Office
Building 19 Rm 104
Phone: 954-201-6573 Online at:
www.fafsa.ed.gov 580 Gulfstream Way
Dania Beach, FL  33004
Phone: 954.201.4500 Settings PUBLICATIONS

. 2. What Does S.A.P. stand for? Go to Building 19 Rm 108
Office Phone:
(954) 201-6846

Email: csg@broward.edu
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