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Producing content from the iPad | MACUL Mobile Learning Conference 2013

Genesee Intermediate School District

Anthony Buza

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Producing content from the iPad | MACUL Mobile Learning Conference 2013

Anthony Buza, Genesee ISD
Instructional Technologist
@antbuza Producing Content from the iPad take a photo and provide various annotations
additional options: choose a photo, draw on a map, start with blank, capture from the web
works best when synchronized with Evernote
great for analyzing Skitch Before we start, please complete the following form: goo.gl/wiWgZ case-sensitive Big Idea: annotate a photo davinci note Big Idea: produce online newsletter choose photos, choose a design, adjust layout/brightness/contrast, write text then SHARE
Share notes using URL or social media Animoto create dynamic photo slideshows (movies) that include a professional theme and music
web and mobile based
web browser (traditional computer): ALL features (adjust video pace, song start/end points, etc.)
app (mobile device): MOST of the features
using a mobile device makes it easier/convenient
sign-up for an education account to get pro features for FREE (animoto.com/education)
not limited to 30 seconds, more themes
re-apply every 6-months Big Idea: easy photo slideshow Geometric Shapes: http://animoto.com/play/RrivclPXoNt09u7Fiq23bA Cloud Storage: http://animoto.com/play/7KSgax6rVuoLlf102WVebA Smore web-based design tool to publish flyers and newsletters (no iPad app)
free & paid version
free gives you 1000 e-mails, some branding and no custom background
Pricing Options: https://www.smore.com/pricing
Publish to the web, print, embed, social networking
!!!the only thing you can’t do via a mobile device, rearrange items (no drag-and-drop) Big Idea: online flyer/newsletter https://www.smore.com/vx72-the-paperless-classroom?ref=discovery Snapguide Big Idea: create guides design tool that creates elegant step-by-step resources
quickly share your expertise
add supplies, photos, video, text
publish to the web, embed, etc.
very simple/easy to use http://snapguide.com/guides/calibrate-your-home-button/ Flowboard: similar but has more control/options on design Educreations Big Idea: create video lessons screen recording tool that allows you to produce shareable videos
slide options: blank, backgrounds, import photos, annotate, text, eraser (new May 2013)
published videos are public/private on the web (viewable on any device) Other Options:
$$$ Explain Everything Prezi ever-expanding canvas, place ideas/concepts and make connections
iPad and web-based presentation tool
iPad: allows you to add text & images
web: add themes, frames, paths, etc. to give the user a guided experience
upload ALL forms of media (powerpoint slides, PDF’s, movies, pictures, etc.) from a computer Big Idea: presentations Sketching Tools inkflow, paper53, ePaper $$$ sketching apps, easy paperless communications tool for EVERYTHING
Planning, storyboarding, problem solving, sharing ideas, etc. - VISUALLY inkflow
crop and move items
export as image, PDF, etc. paper53
tactile - turn the pages
basic pen & eraser
LOTS of available in-app purchases ePaper $$$
tactile - turn the pages
paper53 plus LOTS of extra tools
import photos/PDF/etc.
add text Options piccollage
Google Drive
scroll show
Haiku Deck
squeak Extra Stuff #mlc13 edcanvas Skitch davinci note animoto Smore snapguide educreations prezi sketching tools https://www.smore.com/18zf-tuesday-fabulous-free?ref=email
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