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SFC CLP Talk 3:What it means to be a Christian? Original from Sis Chassy Tesoro

CLP Talk upgraded for SFC as of 2016

Riyeth Linzaga

on 19 March 2017

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Transcript of SFC CLP Talk 3:What it means to be a Christian? Original from Sis Chassy Tesoro

Christian Life Program : Talk 3
Misconceptions or
Incomplete Notions
About Christianity:
So what then


is a relationship
initiated by God,
out of His mercy
and love for us.
The Story of My Name
What's in a name?
Explain what your name means and where does it come from.
Our name is specifically and specially given.
Names are important because it gives specific distinction to us.
Christianity is a mere religious system.
A set of doctrines to believe in
Faith remains on an intellectual level
A set of religious practices
Knowing or
reading a lot

Doing a lot for God –
keeping yourself busy in activities in the church/ religious organizations
All the above are misconceptions or incomplete notions
unless what we believe in is translated into our lives
i.e., we base our values and live our lives on these doctrines we believe in.
Christianity is a
mere moral system.
Christianity is a social, humanitarian system
Humanitarian as an adjective is defined as
concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare
He is a nice man or woman who always smiles, is friendly, never gets angry, and tries to please everyone.
An incomplete notion because it leaves out the deity of Christ, and limits Christianity to merely being a good Samaritan.
Christianity is an escape from the realities of life:
A wrong notion, because Christians
are not taught to escape problems
but to face them.
What makes us Christians
is our loving, personal
relationship with God
Our whole life
becomes an expression
of this relationship.
As Christians,
we become a new creation
and participate in
the very life of Christ.
As Christians, we become children of God and take on His nature, which is holiness.
Incomplete notions because they make religion legalistic and sterile. There is no life and joy.
Union with God.
of Being a Christian
A Christian is a person of
A Christian is a person of
A Christian is a person of
To be a Christian is to know the Father through the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
To be a Christian is:
To have faith in God
To live in hopeful expectation of the fulfillment of the plan of God.
To love God above everything else.

Thank you!
May God be praised!
To let Christ take over our life, to obey His voice and do his bidding,
to let go and let God.
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