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How are Landforms Created and Changes

No description

Erica La Civita

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of How are Landforms Created and Changes

How are Landforms Created and Changed
Draw a diagram for each of the plate moving mountains (pg28) and write a brief description
Earth's Moving Plates
Plate Tectonics: the theory that Earth's surface is made up of rigid plates that are pushed by forces inside the planet

Lithosphere: the outer, solid layer of Earth made up of moving plates

Convention Flow: a circular motion created when warmer material rises and draws down cooler material, which replaces it

Asthenosphere- soft weak layer under th lithoshere upon which the tectonic plates move
Divergent Plate Boundaries:
a place where two plates of the lithosphere move away from each other

Transform Plate Boundaries:
a place where side-by-side plates grind past each other

Convergent Plate Boundaries:
a place where two plates of the lithosphere come together
Plates Build Mountains:
Divergent Plate Boundary
Transform Plate Boundary
Convergent Plate Boundary
Erosion Creates Landforms
Weathering- the breaking down of rocks by physical or chemical process

Erosion- the wearing away of Earths surface by wind, water, or glacial action
Erosion Creates Landforms
Water Erosion:
Ice Erosion:
Wind Erosion:
People Create and Change the Land:
Plates Build Mountains:
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