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No description

shay shannon

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Hinduism

Hinduism History and Geography Leaders ~Started in India
~Spread throughout India
~MOST Hindus live in India
~Has no sects
~The Gupta empire helped spread Hinduism throughout India and Asia ~No founders of Hinduism it developed over time
~Brahmin (high priest) is the highest class in the caste system Portrait of Hinduism Tenets ~Stands for the balance of all moral things
~Each person has their own responsibility for their dharma Dharama ~The idea that a person is punished to the affects of his or her actions Karma ~reincarnation, life, death and rebirth Samsara ~Release from Samsra into bliss(heaven) Moksha Sacred Spaces Ganges River Mandir Deities Brahma Creator of the universe Vishnu Preserver of the universe Shiva God of destruction Parvita Goddess of love and destruction Ganesh God of success Rituals Brahma charga during school years focus on developing character Grastha (the middle yrs) focus on selflessness Vanaprastha (adulthood) focus on spiritual things Sanngasu (last years of life) preparing to die Symbols Om or Aum Sri Yantra The swastika Lotus used to merge with God Visual focus for meditation Good fortune and meditation Birth of universe The End By :Shay Shannon *caste system: a social structure where your class is picked by heredity* ~The Ganges river is worshiped and known as Mother Ganges
~Seen as the giver and taker of life ~Millions of Hindus bathe in the Ganges river to wash away their sins ~A Hindu temple
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