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Visual Narratives

No description

visual narratives

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Visual Narratives

U THANK 2012. 12.12 Visual
Narratives Charlotte Ng | Min Jiayan | Myra Tremblay | Heidi Kuusela Definition:A visual narrative is a story told primarily

through the use of visual media, like choreography,

still photography, illustration or video, and often

enhanced by using graphics, music, voice and audio. People were communicating with images before the written

word and formal languages Invention of the camera and the first successful photograph Disney developed technique of storyboarding Definition Genres History & Development Introduction Q:What are storyboards? A: Storyboards are graphic organizers for the purpose of pre-visualizing. Q:What is photojournalism? A: Photojournalism refers to the use of photographs to

tell a news story, combined with reporting of news, and

distinguished from others by rigid ethical framework. Q:What is photo essay? A: Photo essay is a series of photographs that conveys a

story, a progression of events, emotions or concepts and

is often accompanied by written text, usually sequential. photo
essay photojournalism BUSINESS USES OF Photo Essays Powerful tool to drive social awareness e.g: UNICEF Effective marketing tools Feature business in operation by telling a story with sequenced series of photos e.g :KONE Corporation Consulting industry BUSINESS USES OF STORYBOARDS Commonly used for planning advertising

commercials and planning the rollout of an event or

campaign. Breaking projects down into smaller elements to improve focus.Analysing and evaluating ideas.Communicating ideas clearly.Series of ‘frames’ that communicate a sequence of events. Visualization value = HIGH! Different cultures have a different reading order. Gestalt principles of grouping Proximity, closure, continuity and connectedness (such as arrows can be used to avoid ambiguity) Vectorial references Dual coding theory & picture superiority effect
Storyboards and photo essays
Enhance viewer’s recall, engagement and attention
Chronological presentations and connections
-Verbal and non-verbal channels
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