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Facebook for Business

No description

Jessica Goodrich

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of Facebook for Business

As of June 2018
1.47 billion daily active users on average
2.23 billion monthly active users
Facebook users
Business Page vs Profile
Facebook for Business
Capital Area District Libraries
One person business? You are the team

More than one person - decide on one person to manage your social media but let multiple people post
Social Media Plan - Team
Posting Etiquette
personal info
one login
brand focused
multiple contributors
like vs friend
Facebook terms of service
Social Media Party - Do's
Cater to your audience
Try to stick to an 80/20 rule -
80% content, 20% promotional business
Be authentic
Tell the truth
Quality over quantity
Respond to all comments
Use photos for more reach
Acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly

Post targeting
Pinned Posts
Highlighted Posts
Features Likes
Custom Tabs
Use Facebook Features
Expression doesn't always convey clearly online
Don't make lite of news events
Be professional at all times, don't get angry
“There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people...religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” 

Business Page Parts
Prepare to Create a Page
Create Your Page
Decide on what is right for your business
Messaging - will you answer your messages?
Notifications - edit them so you don't get annoyed
Publishing tools - where you can view scheduled posts and create drafts
Take time to get familiar with where to find settings
Be patient with yourself
Social Media Advantages
Social Media Plan - What is it?
the summary of what you plan to do and what you hope to achieve for your business using social networks

does not have to be difficult or complicated
Social Media Plan - Goals
Drive online sales
Increase local sales
Connect with customers
Promote your brand/business
What are your goals?
What do you hope to achieve?
info about FB features that help achieve your goals
Social Media Plan - Find your voice and tone
If your brand was a person, what kind of personality would it have?

If your brand was a person, what's their relationship to the consumer?

Describe in adjectives what your company's personality is not

Are there any companies that have a similar personality to yours?

How do you want your customers to think about your company?
Social Media Plan - Target Audience
Who are you trying to reach?
What are they like?

More than female, age 40-45, lives in US
Instead create buyer personas
then craft your message towards them
What type of content?
How often will you post?
Content creation plan

Types of Content
Brand Related Holidays
Behind the scenes
Social Media Plan - Content
Liking Other Businesses as Your Business
Community Outreach
Jessica Goodrich
Business Outreach Librarian
Parting mentions
Facebook News Algorithm
Mobile pages manager
Liking other businesses as your business is a great way to support your community and get more traffic
Use hashtags # in your posts when it makes sense
Don't use too many, 1-3 is good
#lovelansing a popular tag in our area
Page Name and business description
Two Photos - Profile and Cover
Know your audience and the action you want them to take
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