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The Madonna

Jan Van Eyck With canon Van Der Paele

mckinley ortiz

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The Madonna

Illustrated by: Jan Van Ecky with Canon Van Der Paele

By: Mckinley Ortiz. Painting illustrated by: Jan Van Eyck with Canon Van Der Paele.

Painting's name: The Madonna. When i view this painting, i feel happy and warm inside. i feel cuddly, nice, and lovable. The people in this painting are a Priest, a baby, a pope, a knight and a women. There are Flowers, Windows, a chair, a flag, stairs, glasses, a women in a dress and a carpet. The activities in this painting are standing, sitting, kneeling & leaning. The symbols in this painting are a Staff, representing the church. A flag, to represent. Glasses to see and a carpet in honor of the person sitting in the chair. In this painting a priest is staring at the baby and the woman. The pope and the priest are looking at the baby and the woman. The pope is holding a pair of glasses in his hand. The woman is wearing a long dress. This artwork is about a woman who had a baby and people praising her. She's a high class woman. A knight and a priest are with there blessing the baby and honoring it. She's a virgin with a child. Three questions i would ask the artist about this artwork is
1: How long did it take you to paint?
2: How did this make you feel inside?
3: What is this paintings purpose? Birth place, Birth and death date: 1330-1441. Born in the Province of Limburg between the Netherlands. (now Belgium).

Art my artist is best known for with a brief descripiton :
1. The adoration of the lamb- Worshiping a lamb.
2. The virgin of Chancellor Rolin- Blessing a baby.
3. The Arnolfini Wedding- People holdings hand, married.

Piece created: 1436

Patron who commissioned this piece (who the piece was created for): The reality of God in our world.The painting was created for the church.

Materials used: Paint and oil on Oak wood.

Where is this piece today?: The piece is no longer around, it was in a church that is now destroyed.

What is the history of this piece?: It was hanging in a church that is now destroyed. The Madonna The Madonna is a painting, you can tell because of the materials used. He used the colors very deep, dark, and detailed. It is contrasted. There are no symbolic meanings. the forms in this piece is realistic. This picture is about a women that had a baby and people are there to see her and her baby. Jan Van Eyck The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin The Afnolfini Wedding The Adoration of the Lamb Work Cited: World book. Chicago, IL: The world book encyclopedia.
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