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Callum Tokell

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Chapter 1
Hello my name is Yvonne Reynolds I was born on the 5th of April in 1966 I am now 47 years of age, I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. My family came from a working style of living. She lived in Rokhasy which was right next to the local loch her family visited the loch very regularly (the loch was called huginfield loch)
Chapter 3
When she arrived she went to live with her grandparents while living with them she went to saint Mary's primary school in Williamstown. Once her mum and dad found a house in Nudawading she went over there to live and lived there until year 9 in high school she went to Nudawading primary school and Mitcham college she then moved to Chirnside Park and her brother moved high school to Mooroolbark high but my Yvonne stayed at Mitcham High.
The final Chapter
She went to Melbourne University and did a bachelor of science and a diploma of education which is where she met my dad David Tokell. She has revisited Scotland a few times and even went back to live in England. since then she has worked at numerous places and now works at ACHOS in Nudawading just across from where she used to live. She lives in Mooroolbark with 4 kids.
chapter 2
She migrated into Australia when she was just ready to turn seven she migrated with her mum Moira Nee-Malarkey, William Reynolds and her brother Paul Reynolds. Part of her family had already migrated out to Australia like her grandparents and they where living in Williamstown. She flew into Australia from London an was a ten pound pom.At the time of leaving she never knew that she wouldn't be returning back and she thought that she was just going on holiday.
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