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How Boxing has Changed over the Years

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Jonathan Balthazar

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of How Boxing has Changed over the Years

How Boxing has Changed over the Years
Evolution Of Boxing
About 150 years ago when bare knuckle was the thing. There was no "Gentlemans Agreement" it was just you two last one standing. This was way more brutal than todays UFC and Boxing. There was no points, no decisions just whoever could'nt continue anymore.
An up to date example on how brutal these fights were
Bare-knuckle boxing info/history
Bare-knuckle boxing originated in the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Ireland. The first bare-knuckle champion of England was James Figgs. When they fought they could grapple, choke, kick, and use techniques such as arm locks.
More media
Here are some more pictures and sounds that help enhance my presentation
Boxing Now
Well know gloves have been added and money. Know a days boxers dont really fight for the love of the sport and credibililty its all about fame and fortune. Its not as Brutal as it was a hundred years ago. They fight to a certain amount of rounds they still are knockouts but they count to 10. If no fighter has been knockout there is a decision made by point totals and KD
Here is an example of how fights look in this day of age from the best pound for pound boxer in the world Floyd Mayweather
The aggression of BKB
With no weapons the clenched fist is the best weapon you have. it is basically all you have and you had to learn how to use them or you were dead meat. No gloves just straight hands. Stength and power were key to fighter now. The term for BKB is known to be called pugilism.
Boxing Info
Boxing is a multi million dollar sport and is worldwide. It has spread over the years throughout all countries. It has become more popular in numbers and have made record television numbers. A recent fight one fghter made over 200 million dollars. Boxing has drastically changed over the years you can say and is still evolving.
An example of the fame and fortune of these boxers
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