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khaled blacksmith shop

No description

cheryl manley

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of khaled blacksmith shop

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli A journey
a blacksmith
shop Blacksmith shop In pioneers times every community
a blacksmith shop. A smith:
person who works with metal.
The blacksmith made thing of iron
which is black colored,
this is why it is called blacksmith. the shop has a large door
so horses and wagons
could fit in and heat escapes
easily through a large door. anvil and hammer: A metal is put on
and anvil and is shaped by an hammer bellow: blows air. A forge : a furnace that is used to heat metals. A forge makes metals
soft so it is easy to shape them A blacksmith heats a metal in a forge.
bellows blow air to make it hotter when a metal gets red colored
it is removed and placed on an
anvil, then its is shaped by hammer.
The metal then is cooled by water. products of a blacksmith shop
1:hooks and nails
2: pots and pans
3:horse shoes made by farrier
5:knives,spoon's and forks
6:fireplace tools
7: farm implements Glossary
1:anvil is a block of iron with pointed end.
2:bellow:is used to blow air into the forge to make it hotter
3:hooks were used to hang pots in the fireplace
4:farrier a special metal worker make horse shoes Done by:khlaed bleibleh
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