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Staying Afloat

No description

christine hoffman

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Staying Afloat

designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Tulane University
New Orleans
- 1,175

- 8,352 undergraduate
5,110 graduate/professional

Deans/Directors set priorities
Seek out faculty based on priorities
Push grant notices to relevant faculty
SPA pushes via list-serv
Respond to faculty-initiated requests
Bring prospect ideas to faculty meeting
Manage expectations

Melissa Erekson - Tulane University

Lisa Wurtzel - Tulane University

Vicki Svoboda - Arizona State University

Caroline Wallinger - Arizona State University

Revised Product

Scaled down research
Find the first three
funders with deadlines
within the next 6 months
Provide a 1 page report
Faculty show more interest
in applying
Research Products for Faculty
Initially, we turned over every stone for faculty member research
Produced in-depth briefings on promising funders
Produced Excel spreadsheets with multiple data points about
funder researched
Most faculty did not respond quickly or identify funders to pursue
ASU Enterprise
The Admiralty
ASU Enterprise
The ASU Foundation for a New American University is ASU's philanthropic arm.

We raise and invest over $130.5m in philanthropic contributions annually:
$47.4m from Corporations and Foundations
(36% of philanthropic enterprise)
$405,154,000 in Research Expenditures (2013)
$4.1m revenue from ASU and ASUF affiliates
$553m Endowment


Working with Faculty
from the Researcher's Perspective
How We Work with Faculty
Tulane Schools
& Colleges
Newcomb Tulane College
A.B. Freeman School of Business
School of Architecture
School of Continuing Studies
School of Law
School of Liberal Arts
School of Medicine
School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
School of Science and Engineering
School of Social Work

Tulane Funding
$8 - $10 million/year - CFR funding

$165 million/year research expenditures

$7 - $11 million/year sponsored research funding from private entities

$7.2 million/year licensing revenue

Serving Faculty Prospect Research Needs at Research Universities
$100 million/year fundraising dollars

20-30% of total from companies and foundations

Endowment $1,047,800,000

At the Head of the Fleet
Research Product
for Promising Funders

description of the company/foundation's relevant work
explain giving program; for companies, could include both
corporate giving program and company foundation giving
provide application deadlines and instructions
provide relevant representative grants: higher education and relevant subject area (from 990s)
overall giving totals and giving within relevant program if possible
Tulane engagement
Tulane connections (alumni, leadership and vendor)

Arizona State University
This is the ASU Enterprise
The Joint Chiefs
Rick Shangraw,
Sethuraman "Panch" Panchanathan
VP of Research Enterprise (OKED)
We are the largest vessel in our class
(public research universities):

69,089 undergrads

14,682 graduate/professionals

2762 faculty/professionals

11 colleges

20 schools

10 transdisciplinary institutes/initiatives

100+ centers

used with permission of Julien Berthier
Melisa Erekson - Tulane University
Lisa Wurtzel - Tulane University
Vicki Svoboda - Arizona State University
Caroline Wallinger - Arizona State University
How We Navigate Research Requests (1)
Collaboration Between the ASU Foundation
the Research Enterprise

: Strengths in fundraising from philanthropic organizations
: Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Administration - an ASU unit, within the Research Enterprise, that helps faculty to raise and administer research grants:

80+ Research Advancement Specialists assigned to departments help find research awards and write grants
multiple teams devoted to every stage of proposal life cycle
ORSPA's strength: packaging, administrating and carrying out due diligence for research grants

ASUF Collaboration with ORSPA
Charitable Grant Administration Guidelines which:
fix information silos;
formalize roles for approaching major philanthropic funders;
create clear expectations for cooperation; and,
clarify administration fees for jointly administered grants

Shared research assignments for select funders and targeted research on funders
How We Navigate Research Requests (2)
Engaging Faculty with Opportunities
In years past, faculty were often:
Unaware of ASUF
Confused about the role of ASUF
Distrusting of ASUF
Solution #1:
Organizational Cooperation at Executive Level
Former head of Research Enterprise now
CEO of ASUF; regularly meets with VP of
Research Enterprise
Regular meetings between deans and
senior ASUF fundraisers
ORSPA/ASUF partnership guidelines
formalized through MOU from ASUF
CEO and VP of Research Enterprise
Solution #2:
CFR as a Leader in Engaging with Faculty
Solution #3:
CFR as a Leader in Managing Expectations
Shifted away from always providing profiles and briefs;
we now direct faculty to funder website and FDO
Educate faculty about philanthropic fundraising basics:
funder timelines; likelihood of funding success; writing
project sustainability into the grant; creating strategies
for particular funders
Established clear guidelines dictating in which
circumstances and at what funding thresholds
ASUF assists with grants, proposal
management, etc.
Solution #4:

Simplifying Our Research Products
No more standing profiles; profiles are only updated as
needed and prepared to meet the specific needs of the

Shorter, more succinct profiles/briefs; output never
exceeds 2-3 pages; we aim for less than 2

Targeted research output: rather than providing
extensive information about the funder, provide
profiles/briefs characterize ASU's history with the
funder; identify specific opportunities that fit ASU;
and, name possible collaborating individuals and
departments at ASU
Tulane University
AAU University
Carnegie Ranking: very high research activity
Tulane Institutional Strengths
Health sciences
Latin American Studies
Women's leadership
Civic engagement
Disaster resiliency

CFR resides in the Development Office

One and 1/4 researchers support 4 CFR officers who serve the entire university
Tulane's CFR Organization
Corporate and Foundation
How We Prioritize Our Work
leadership & deadline driven projects
requests from deans
* requests from CFR officers about specific corporations or foundations
* institutional level projects
research and briefings for unit heads
faculty research
(10 % of my time)
* broad-based school/ department research
Excel Spreadsheet for All Potential Funders Considered
Is There a Different Way to Stay Afloat?

Michael M. Crow
President, ASU
CFR at ASU Foundation
• 2 Frontline Fundraisers
(1 Corporate, 1 Foundation)
• 1 Researcher
• 1 Grantwriter
• 1 Administrative support staff

We support:
• Unit development staff
(frontline fundraisers)
• Deans/ research deans
• Individual faculty
• ASU/F Leadership

ASU Research Enterprise
Make key information available directly to
faculty and development staff through a
simple, useful CFR webpage
Use ORSPA Research Advancement Specialists
and their faculty connections to reach faculty
with a weekly distribution of RFP opportunities
Created a searchable database of
philanthropic opportunities
(hosted on Research Enterprise site,
where faculty are most likely to go)
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