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No description

Christy Tibbs

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Plickers

Plickers provides you with a FREE way to scan student responses quickly using ONE mobile device (iOS or Android) and a set of student cards.
What are Plickers?
What type of mobile device do you own?

A. iPhone or iPad
B. Android Device
C. One of each
D. Neither
Allow Me To Demonstrate
Hold your Plicker card facing me with your answer at the top of your card.
Each student gets a unique barcode – a paper clicker.

Students answer questions by showing their barcodes to the teacher's smartphone or tablet.

The teacher gets a real-time bar graph and the data is stored.
How Does It Work?
How Can I Use This?
PreAssess, PostAssess, Poll, Review, etc...
Table Talk: How do you informally assess students currently? Do you think that Plickers could help you quickly assess your students?
Set up a free account
Set up class (instructions in handout)
Download the app
Print your cards
Begin Polling!

(works best with Google Chrome)
Where Do I Start?
What Will the Teacher See?
Choose a class
Add a question
Scan student responses
and see results
How Can I Use This to Give My Students Immediate Feedback?
What would be the benefits of discussing the results of a poll with your students?
Do you think Plickers is something that you can use in your classroom or something that is worth sharing with others?

A. Yes, Definitely
B. Maybe
C. Not for me but I think I know someone who would use it.
D. No, not at all.

Let's Take a Poll
Scan the QR code for this presentation
Thank You!
Christina Tibbs
Technology Coach for Rutherford County Schools



Why Student Response Systems?
Poll Everywhere
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