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No description

Adam Majcher

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Minnesota

More Information About State Symbols: Information about state
symbols continued: Some Records of Minnesota: Minnesota's lowest temperature ever recorded was -60 F. Minnesota is the 21st state in population, 12th in land area, and the 32nd state to be created. The Common Loon
has a bright red
eye, it lives about
30 years, and grows
to be about 2 - 3
ft. The Pink and White Lady's
Slipper is an uncommon
flower in Minnesota, and
can grow to be more than
100 years old! It produces
half a million seeds a year. Minnesota By Adam Majcher Some state symbols :
Bird: The Common Loon
Tree: Red Pine
Mushroom: Morel Mushroom
Flower: Pink and White Lady's Slipper
Nickname: The North Star State
Motto: The star of the North
Gemstone: Lake Superior Agate "The Star
Of The
North" Some Facts About Minnesota The Red Pine, also called the
Norway Pine, is a tree with a
red trunk that grows in
Minnesota. It can grow
to be 50 - 80 ft. Its
trunk diameter is
1 - 3 ft. Lake Superior Agate is a
stone that is stained by
iron. It was moved by
glaciers 10 - 15 thousand
years ago. It is found in
Wisconsin, Michigan,
and Minnesota. Minnesota is the 2nd most northern state, only second to Alaska.

Minnesota's northern tip is only reachable by going through Canada, or sailing over the Lake of the Woods.

The largest mall in the U.S. is located in Bloomington, a city next to Minneapolis.

Minnesota has 90,000 miles of shoreline, more than California, Florida and Hawaii combined.

Minnesota has the largest inland freshwater port in the world. It is located in Duluth.
Minnesota's highest temperature was 114 F.

Some famous people born in Minnesota were Judy Garland, who played Dorthie in the Wizard of Oz, and Bob Dylan. The mouth of the Mississippi River starts in Minnesota There are 11,842 lakes in
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