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Dynamic Classroom Guidance Centers

No description

Marty Dwyer

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Dynamic Classroom Guidance Centers

Write All About It Writing about feelings is a great way to cope.
Students create their own mini journal. Color Your World Students learn to relax with creative outlets like these coloring mandalas. "Look on the Bright Side" PWCS Guidance Objective 4.P.7:
Demonstrate different coping strategies for various situations and life changes. Yo-Gotta Try It Students practice yoga positions & learn about the importance of exercise for managing stress. Take Time to Play Students play board games and learn about the importance of taking time to "just play." Laughter is the Best Medicine Student read and tell jokes and learn how humor can brighten a bad day. Small Groups= Big Impact Dynamic Classroom Guidance Centers Teach your students coping strategies with these 6 activity centers Students complete a worksheet responding to problems with positive thinking.
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