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MGT309 Presentation

Taking Panera Bread to South Korea

Lori Eckdahl

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of MGT309 Presentation

“Marketing strategies should focus on mood, various menu items, kindness of employees, reputation and image, and facilities rather than price.”
– International Journal of Hospitality Management, Study on Fast Food Consumption in Korea How We Should Market in Korea Word of Mouth
Free Samples
Blogging is a great way
Facebook & Twitter
Celebrity endorsement How We Should Market in Korea PSY Market towards health, but also image
PSY is famous and also funny, but...
We would want to use people like Girls’ Generation How We Should Market in Korea Core Capabilities
Healthy alternatives
Bread and Soup
Pastries and Other Baked Goods
Other Resources
Strong Financials
Human Capital
Direct Investment and FDI experience Why Choose Panera Bread? Other Healthy Sandwich Alternatives:
Atlanta Bread, Subway
Other Fast Casual:
Schlotzsky’s Why Not Choose Someone Else? Cons:
Liability of Foreignness
Risk of Failure
Loss of Capital Pros:
Human Capital
Tax Exemption
Government Grants Foreign Direct Investment
Aggressive Growth Strategy Home Replication Splashed with Localization
Increased Pressure for Localization
Minor Menu Changes
Flow of Knowledge Market Entry Strategy Décor
Delivery Reducing Liability of Foreignness Ian O'Brien
Charles Lambert
Jordan Rose
Lori Eckdahl
Lauren Hurley
Jess Polchinski

In Conjunction With:
Stacy Over 10,000,000 people in the immediate city area
Very well developed city
Accounts for 21% of Korea’s GDP
Public transportation widely used
Many international companies have offices in Seoul Why Seoul? Has four universities
Three metro lines pass through
Active nightlife
Seoul World Cup Stadium
Over half of the district is residential
Known to be a trendy area Why Mapo-gu?
920- Lotteria
760-Caffe Bene
663- Dunkin’ Donuts
350- Starbucks
305- Pizza Huts
243- McDonald’s
146- KFC
100- Popeyes
56- Subways Fast Food Competition in South Korea Tous Les Jours

Over 300 stores in Korea
Domestic leaders in the Korean Bakery Industry
Has expanded to the United States Paris Baguette Company

2,900 store locations (including Paris Croissant)
Top Brand based on brand recognition
Recently expanded to the United States Paris Croissant Cafe

Parent company of Paris Baguette Co.
Opened in 1986
More upscale with slightly larger stores French-Inspired Korean Bakeries Where in Asia? Where in South Korea? Mapo District
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