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Cambodia's Killing Fields

The Killing Fields of Cambodia

Sean McCloskey

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Cambodia's Killing Fields

A 20th Century Genocide
1975-1979 The Killing Fields of Cambodia Classification Former government officials, teachers, doctors, students.
Glasses are seen as a sign of education.
All city dwellers are marched out. Symbolization Eyeglasses are seen as a symbol of education.
Blue and white scarfs or yellow and white scarfs
told groups apart.
You didn't want to be blue. Dehumanization Those not killed were forced to abandon their old ways.
Religion, possessions, and money were all taken.
If you were caught you would be executed. Organization Khmer Rouge became a militia and took over the cities
They turned public buildings into torture and
Re-education centers. Polarization Contrasting uneducated farmers with the educated
in the government, or higher classes was a common
Extremists were intensifying divisions by attacking
the moderates most often. Preparation Extermination Denial The Khmer Rouge secretly killed off those trained
by the North Vietnamese communists.
They had to remain silent because of a violent attack
from the government. The Khmer Rouge forced hard labor on people with
insane hours.
They also had mass executions of ethnic minorities such as Vietnamese, Chinese, and Muslim.
Internal purges were carried out by paranoid officials. Evidence was hidden by the perpetrators.
Mass graves were being excavated after the
genocide occurred. Pol Pot Born 19 May, 1925; Death 15 April, 1998 Born as Saloth Sar Pol Pot He was the main perpetrator of the genocide in Cambodia and led the Khmer Rouge through their evil plans. Held his power during the genocide, and was forced to flee during the war with Vietnam. Stayed int he jungle with the remnants of the Khmer Rouge until his death in 1998. Rumors of poisoning persist.
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