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181p 대명사가 만드는 중요 구문

No description

Seulgi Kwon

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of 181p 대명사가 만드는 중요 구문

181p 대명사가 만드는 중요 구문
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
A부정대명사 구문
B it구문
186p reading1
3행 Hearing this: 이것을 듣고서
4행 keep v-ing 계속...하다
5행 The frogs who were watching asked: who...watching 이 The frogs를 수식
6행 asked him why he didn't give up: why 이하는 간접의문문
'왜 그가 포기하지 않았는지'
the other
the others
6행 four more apples were added to bucket A and five to bucket B: five 다음에는 more apples were added 가 생략되어 있다
9행 형용사+enough to-v ...할 정도로 충분히 ~한
enough는 형용사 뒤에서 수식
3행 what to eat and drink for themselves
<의문사+to 부정사> 무엇을 먹고 마실지 for themselves '그들 혼자 힘으로'
6행 feel like v-ing ...하고 싶다
8행 make+목적어+동사원형 ...을 ~하게 하다 it=soda
4행 what's going to happen
'무슨 일이 일어날지' 라는 의미로 간접의문문
6행 make+목적어+형용사 '나를 더 흥미진진하게 만든다'
8행 That's why '그것이 ...한 이유이다
1. Did you enjoy yourself?
2. It took 40 minutes to read
3. How far is it from here
4. You can make a homepage for yourself
5. the same as mine
6. None of the students finished

The, others, None, of, One, Another, The, others
It's just another rainy Sunday afternoon.
before you call myself my man
There are two man; one is actor, the other is comedian.
Some are singers and others are actors.
Some are women,the others are men.
I have met 가연, and I want to meet another.
오늘 배울 내용

A부정대명사 구문
B it 구문
C재귀대명사 구문
1. 부정대명사 종류
2. it 구문의 쓰임새
3. 재귀대명사의 종류
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