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Feed book project

Summer Reading Assignment: CSHS Pre-AP English 10

Rebekah Wellons

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Feed book project

by M.T. Anderson Feed photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli About the Author: M.T. Anderson Born on November 4, 1968
Graduated from: Cambridge, Syracuse, and Harvard
Other popular books include his Octavian Nothing Saga
Enjoys fried food, the harpsichord, hiking, and cross-country skiing Various Covers Main Characters Titus: narrator and protagonist
is basically the average teenage boy in the future until he meets Violet and he starts to realize how much he depends on his "Feed"
Has to make the decision to either: A) abandon Violet to have fun with his old friends or B) stick with Violet until the very end. Read the book to find out his choice! Violet: Titus' girlfriend (for most of the novel) who is from a very different background
She got her "Feed" much later than most and it causes problems within her brain
Unlike Titus and his friends, Violet does not like how dependent she has become upon her "Feed" Others:
Link - a clone of Abraham Lincoln who is Titus' best friend
Calista - Link's girlfriend through most of the book who causes a lot of drama
Violet's Dad - a professor of programming from the past who uses big words and home-schools Violet WHAT IS A "FEED"?!? A feed is something that nearly every character in the novel has implanted in their brain. Basically, it is computer system that attaches itself to your brain and takes over running many of your bodily functions. This is why Violet having problems with her feed was devastating for the rest of her body. Also, the feed can be used to communicate (like as a phone or chat room), to purchase items, or to look things up. It spews advertisements 24/7. Setting/Plot of the Novel This novel takes place pretty far into America's future. The entire book is actually written in the slang of the time! Within the storyline, the same thing sort of happens over and over. There is Violet's increasing disabilities from the problems with her feed and a bunch of high school drama similar to what we experience right now! Though it is a good book and describes the future in a fascinating way, I didn't think that the plot was very compelling. What made this book worth reading was the details Anderson included in terms of fads, the layout of neighborhoods, the activities teens do for fun, and the new technology. What I Thought As I just mentioned, the descriptions and details were what made me keep reading. Anderson did a fantastic job of keeping the subplots interesting simply because of the crazy, futuristic things that the teenagers were doing!
The decisions made by characters were very unexpected. This kept me on my toes.
The conversations in this book were quite clever. Even in the future, it appears that teenagers seriously kept up with their dry humor and sarcasm. POSITIVE NEGATIVE Anderson included a lot of high school style drama into his novel that I felt clashed with the deep conflict of Violet's declining health.
The novel was written just as if Titus was telling the story. Though this sounds great in theory, the entire book had futuristic lingo that was never clearly defined. Basically, it leaves the reader on their own to guess what he is actually saying. Conclusion This novel had its ups and downs, but all in all I would definitely recommend it. The way that Anderson pictured America in the future is way different than how I have, but he did it in a way that broadened my thoughts and made me really process what problems will need to be tackled down the road. The characters are compelling (for the most part) and even though it took a while to grasp, the slang used is what sets this book apart. YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK! Bibliography:
http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/feed-m-t-anderson/1100305951 The End Presentation by Rebekah Wellons
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