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IBM Customer Journeys-Lillis Life: Transformation to a digital world

Front Office Transformation, Digital Front Office, Transform to a digital world, Lilli´s Life, Enduser Stories

Sathya Hessenkamp

on 18 October 2016

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Transcript of IBM Customer Journeys-Lillis Life: Transformation to a digital world

Travel & Transportation
Lilli is booking her flights for the business trip online using her desktop PC.

Choosing her seats and preferred menu options
Reading other user's comments and recommendations about the destination
Lilli is already late and orders a taxi.

In the taxi, on her way to the airport:

Lilli receives a message from her boss to make some
last- minute changes to the client presentation

She needs some
from one of her company's legacy systems, which she
quickly checks via her personal tablet

She works on the presentation from her tablet and
adds client critical price information
to the spreadsheet that resides on the
company's cloud infrastructure

When she logs off her tablet, the presentation is
stored in the
Desktop Cloud
in her company's data center
Furthermore: Lilli is asked to fill in an online profile so that the Airline can serve her as an individual client:

Information of her profile
Choices she made during the booking process
Lilli receives a booking confirmation as well as an invitation to install the airline's full-service app on her mobile device.

Using the airline app, Lilli can now:
check in online
see her booking status
see her flight details
When Lilli arrives at the airport, she pays the taxi effortlessly with her mobile.

Reaching the airport's main entrance, she receives an app notification with:

directions where to find the self service baggage drop-off area
directions where to find the business lounge
Lilli uses the time in the lounge:

to clarify some questions and work on the client presentation
to attend a virtual meeting to discuss final changes
In the aircraft all flight attendants are working with tablets which permit:

easy communication with each other
data access and changes in real time.

The flight attendant is scanning her boarding pass.
Recognizing that this is Lilli's first flight with the airline she hands her a welcome package.
When Lilli arrives at the destination airport, she researches the most economical connection to her destination address via mobile app.
The airline app provides links to relevant public transportation services, so she can book
an online ticket which is directly displayed on her mobile device.
After landing, Lilli wants to call a taxi:

She realizes that she must have lost her

Instead of using her tablet, she accesses her company's intranet and informs the security about the loss

She directly orders a new phone which will be delivered to her office the following day
After Lilli has received her new phone, now:

She only needs to connect it to her company's network to easily access all her files

She can now use her app to rate the airline and her flight experience

Lilli receives personalized information regarding the airline's special offers and the offers at her home airport
The next day, Lilli learns that the client wants to meet again two weeks later.
The difference though:

They want to meet in their office in Shanghai

Lilli calls the airline via the contact-me function in her app to sort out the best connection for her

The call agent is helping her quickly with the right offering

Afterwards the booking appears in her app immediately
Lilli receives a notification via the airline app:

Delay of her flight back of four hours
Receiving booking change proposals from the airline
Lilli quickly confirms her decision directly in the app
Lilli receives a voucher via her app to reduce the inconvenience:

either for her favorite shoe shop
or for a drink in a café or a bar
Nevertheless, Lilli’s new flight is
also affected by delays:

Receives the updates on her flight’s status through her app

Uses the coffee voucher to have a more pleasant time at the airport
How it works - IBM Products Lilli's company and the Airline are using
Big Data & Analytics

- IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration
- IBM DB2 for SAP
- IBM System Storage
- IBM Business Intelligence
- IBM Watson Foundations
- IBM Watson Explorer
- IBM Customer Experience Management
- IBM Data Security
- IBM Backup & Recovery
- IBM Big Data Out of the Box
- Connected vehicle - Continental’s collaboration with IBM
- IBM Business Intelligence
- IBM Performance Management
- IBM Predictive Analytics
- IBM Predictive Maintenance Analytics for Travel & Transportation
- IBM Smart Cloud Analytics

- Softlayer
- IBM Emptoris Supplier Lifecycle Management
- IBM SmartCloud for Social Business
- IBM SmartCloud Flexible Workplace
- IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise
Social Business:

- IBM Customer Experience Suite
- IBM Smarter Commerce Omni-channel Customer Experience Assessment
- IBM SmartCloud for Social Business
- IBM Sametime
- IBM Docs
- IBM Communication and Collaboration Services
- IBM Connections
- IBM Workplace Services
- IBM Smart Business Desktop Cloud

- IBM Smart Business Desktop Cloud
- IBM Omni-channel Experience Assessment
- IBM Worklight
- IBM Rational Test Workbench
- IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile
- IBM Interactive
- IBM Security Appscan Source
- IBM Mobile Strategy Accelerator
- IBM SmartCloud for Social Business Mobile
- IBM Sametime Mobile
- IBM Connections Mobile
- IBM mWallet
- Xtify
- IBM Mobile Enterprise Services for Managed Mobility
- IBM Trusteer
- IBM Fiberlink
- IBM Endpoint Manager
Bar Code Reader for Mobile Phone
Co-Browsing Support and live help
Digital Training Material
Web Analytics
Interactive Configurator
Finance Offers and Deal Stacker
Intelligent Commerce Experience
iPad Finance App
After Sales
Unica Campaign (Management)
The ongoing, rapid changes in technology have reshaped customer expectations
These changes are not only impacting consumers and enterprises, but also reshaping industries
Organizations are changing both:

” they offer and “
” they operate.

Why IBM ?

Our network of experts and resources is truly global.

Cloud – Analytics – Mobile – Social
Media & Entertainment
The need to transform to a digital world
Aspects of Lilli´s Life...

Configuration of the car
At the virtual showroom
The full scale Electronic Vehicle (EV) chosen by Nick is displayed on a large screen.
Behind the Scenes
Solutions of IBM
Advanced Configuration
Smart Recommendation
Live Help
Mobile Car Configuration
Integrated Marketing Management
Lead Management
Virtual Showroom
Advanced Configuration
Big Car Visualization
Interactive Entertainment@the dealer
Social Media
Browsing Experience
Lead Generation
Lead Management & Conversion
Social Listening
Additional Information
While having a question they use the help option on the website to receive a call back for questions and an offer to use the co-browsing session with a staff member.
The main protagonist:

(45 years old)
She is married with
and has 2 children
(19, 21 years old).
Lilli lives with her family in Cologne and she works as a manager. Her job requires a lot of traveling. Lilli uses her mobile devices extensively to have internet access and stay connected.

The configuration is preloaded.
Finance Check
Visit at the bank
Nick is excited and shares his new mobility solution with his network of friends.
Nick gets a financial offering on his mobile phone. He decides to purchase the new car and e-signs within few minutes.
Discussion of different financial models.
July 2012

Government Services

Public Service

Government Services

Public Safety

Lilli´s contract with her mobile phone provider will end up soon.
Lilli needs a new smartphone
She gets also some response from her provider. He refers their webpage as there are currently some special upgrades for their long term customers.
As she has some questions about her options she asked online for an appointment in a store near her office.
Lilli meets Thomas, the sales representative, at the store.
Thomas has special offers for her tariff and devices options which appear directly on his tablet.
Lilli decides to use the latest technology with a high quality camera as well. She is also interested in the best network the telecommunication company can offer but she is still not sure what to use.
No problem for Thomas. He shows Lilli some interesting graphical results o how much of her data volume she has been used in the recent months as well as some average usage about other users with a similar device and connection.
As Lilli uses her mobile quite extensively she has been near or exceeding her data limit in the last 12 months. Thomas recommends an upgrade option as experiences show that data consumption typically increases.
Lilli is quite happy about the ease of finding a new device as well as a new tariff option which is right for her.
In the next days Lilli has to travel on a business trip to Paris. Therefore she has no time to finalize her decision.
She wants to pick it up in a store next to her office and changes her preferred delivery method. She gets the whole address which is sent to her mobile with navigation tips.
After her work she goes to the shop where an employee helps her quickly to set up her device and shows her new features on the mobile.
In the evening Lilli shows the new smartphone to her family. They are very convinced about her decision and the amazing new features and quality.
While Lilli is driving to work, the EV alerts her of an issue with one of its sensors. The EV contacts her service account and performs remote diagnostics.
Lilli comments on social network about the EV mobility solution and its impact on their energy usage package.
Lilli and Nick decide to spend a night out in the town would be good.
On the way to the office EV switches to autonomous driving, navigating an optimal route.
Nick gets an invitation from the local dealer for a test drive and he schedules a date.
Leading up the delivery date, Nick and Lilli schedule several sessions to receive visual instruction on the new EV including driving and safety simulations.
Media & Entertainment - An outlook to our digital future
While walking to the subway station, Lilli uses her augmented reality (AR) glasses to listen to her queued new item.
On the subway, she watches her favorite show.

Her friend Mary bumps into Lilli. Lilli invites Mary to sync to the same show.

Even though Mary has no subscription, she can watch by invitation.
Lilli browses reviews of local restaurants. The social influence score of the people sitting around her feature at the top.
As Lilli and Mary are near their stop, their GPS triggers the show to pause. Lilli´s preferences show that she will continue watching during her home trip.
Lilli wakes up by her online radio station playing on her surround sound. She is wearing a fully connected, location aware, media rich and social device.
She seamlessly switches to her personalized news aggregator as she continues to get ready in her bedroom. News headlines and audio are projected onto the wall.
The device senses her mood and automatically plays music tailored to her listening habits. Music selection adapts as her activity increases.
While walking to the office Lilli has opted-in to relevant ads.
Lilli is typically health conscious and does not consume much carbonated beverages.
Later at home Lilli finds her son and his friends playing in the 360° media experience room/cave. This is a fully immersive TV, video or gaming experience.
The next game of the guys takes crowd sourced input from the group on their digital media devices to drive the direction of the game. After the group game is over, Jan uses his digital media device to switch the cave to the "over-the-top" (OTT) box. Based on preferences and behavioral history, it recommends the Barcelona-Madrid Football Match.
The match is at half time, but is available on demand from the beginning. The system is already allocated bandwidth.
Lilli and her family are very aware of their impact on the environment and minimize use of natural resources wherever practical. They want to buy an electronic vehicle.

IBM’s Approach

Energy & Utility
Lilli´s family will move to Munich. Lilli and her husband stay on a moderate budget but are environmentally conscious.

Their new home will incorporate the most environmentally friendly materials and advanced technologies their budget will allow.
- 360 degree view -
One utility provider offers a renewable energy conversation program. A leasing arrangement for a car charging pad is included. Lilli will be able to sell surplus energy back to the utility.
- Social listening -
Lilli posts a 3D image on social media including details of the energy management system that manages her solar power, temperature, lighting, window darkening and EV charging/storage.
Transferring the conversation to his computer glasses, Nick reviews the EV charging system. They set up temperature, lightning schedules and identify critical lights etc. for conservation mode.
Proactive Alerts from the Energy Advisor.
Community building - there is a neighborhood energy saver competition and Lilly signs up on the spot. Game on!
Lilli receives an alert to log into her home collaboration space where builder and contractors share information.
Lilli has to update her insurances
To review some personal mobility and energy matrics
Walk through a series of scenarios including driving routes and energy usage
Use of "My Personal Analytics Dashboard APP"
While traveling to the office the position has been noticed.

Nick gets a personalized invitation to see the configuration in a virtual showroom.

Calendars are synced.
Nick examines different colors and interior options.
He is consulted by the staff knowing everything about the product.

He gets customized upgrade options.
Nick visits the dealer with the family for a test drive.
During the test drive they adjust a couple of the configuration.

Agenda of Lilli´s Experiences
The family needs a new car
Lilli´s business trip to Paris
Lilli´s daughter will study abroad
Shopping experience of Lilli´s son Jan
Lilli needs a new smartphone and contract
The family will move into a new house
Nick uses voice and gestures to configure features.
Ongoing, rapid changes in technology have reshaped customer expectations
These changes are not only impacting consumers and enterprises, but also reshaping industries
Lilli takes her personalized options with her fingerprint - heating, seat, mirrors, dashboard controls and suspension all automatically adjust.
She is alerted that service is needed, and chooses automated scheduling of a service appointment with the dealership. Parts are ordered automatically.
Lilli reserves a luxury vehicle based on her subscription preferences.
That afternoon, the vehicle arrives at her home autonomously. Her "cyber-self" preferences are automatically transferred.
The next morning the vehicle autonomously drives back to the dealer.
During driving, it reserves a parking slot close to work and parks automatically.
The EV begins charging. Today, the charge will be debt, but other days the car spare energy is sent to the grid for credit.
She uses Twitter on her mobile to discuss experiences of others.
Lilli is very surprised but also interested and takes a look at the webpage.
She asks him more about the tariff options and the devices which she can use.
Thomas uploads information about Lilli´s contract on the tablet.
He got some alert about Lilli´s profile as she is a long term and loyal customer.
Thomas saves the configuration and Lilli can return to it in her application whenever she likes.
She uses that link and she is delighted that everything has been prepared to easily complete her buying during a short break between two meetings.
She is quite happy to receive a personalized reminder on her mobile phone. She gets a link to complete her new contract upgrade.
Lilli gets a message from her Telecommunication provider that her new mobile is available now.
As Lilli opens the provider app she receives a voucher.
She can double the bonus if she completes
a short survey about her and her future expectations about the telecommunication company.
Lena's semester abroad
credit card & mobile payment
a community ...
social media
partner bank
house bank in Germany
partner bank in U.S.
...containing general information such as locations and availability of ATMs.
payment transactions
location based services
exchange rate risks
Back home Mr. Müller invites Lena to a welcome back meeting at the branch.
Having reviewed Lena's stay abroad Mr. Müller and Lena talk about the next best actions which are identified by analytics solutions.
Lena is thrilled about the individualized offerings and services of her bank and shares her satisfaction via
social media

Align to Customer
Jan thinks through what he wants to do: ship to home or smart pickup. He selects ''smart pickup''. He confirms the selected items are in stock at his preferred store and selects the pick up time.

Execute Omni-channel

In the Boy's section, Jan spies a jacket. The smart hanger displays 1059 likes. As Jan approaches the smart hangar automatically adjusts to show only the number of likes from her Jan’s own social network. Jan decides to buy the jacket.



Jan decides to approach an associate and ask if a trouser style from last year is available in a size larger.

The associate accesses Jan's purchase history and confirms availability in his size.

While adding the trouser to the basket, the associate shows Jan other trousers which are on promotion. Jan decides not today.
While driving home Jan completes the transaction through the automated vehicle control system. The retailer highlights the points Jan has accumulated so far, so that Jan could get a further discount. He decides to use his points. Using voice command he completes the payments.
Jan finds a cool orange T-shirt and likes it. He stands in front of the TV so that he can be scanned. Jan's size is updated in his universal shopping profile for future use.

Provide Single View of the Customer

Earlier today, the retailer received an alert that Jan liked a pair of shoes and has been looking at them for quite a few days. The retailer sends Jan a notification along with a discount coupon. Jan is extremely pleased and adds it to his cart.

The first draft of the configuration is saved and they receive a QR Code.
He receives positive feedback from his social network.
Lena is enjoying her stay and profiting from her banking app with different functions.
Upon arrival Lena receives a welcome message from the partner bank via email...
Lilli uses gestures and voice to browse, select and queue new articles, which are synched automatically across all her devices.
When passing a vending machine, she receives a 25% discount if she buys a soft drink in the next 5 minutes.
Based on her past behavioral data, the AR glasses send a 20 % discount for a Lovely Elixir at a nearby juice bar.
Lilli selects solar roof tiles, auto tinting windows and device charging countertops. A 3D image of the new home updates as she selects items.
She receives several offers from utility providers and schedules an appointment.
Advisory -
Nick activates the home energy management system which initiates a video connection with the energy adviser.
Move to the new home
Due to outage, the home is in conservation mode. Operating off EV storage, critical lights and appliances remain on.
Post on her social media page:
Should I make an energy technology investment to the coffee shop of Maria, my neighbour
The utility adviser posts a response with a link to an app for their sustainable small business programs. Lilli can easily afford a solar leasing program with a business energy management system.
Lilli decides to invest. Her friend Maria is so inspired that she roasts a special coffee and advertises on her shop´s social media site. The utility adviser profiles the efforts on the social page.
Our Digital Future
Before leaving, she makes a reservation at her favorite restaurant for a scheduled business lunch. The information is automatically sent to her client.

Lilli receives an alert from the doctor not to eat breakfast. Sensors recognize annoyance. Relaxing music is activated. While she showers, a soap bottle sensor recognizes it is almost empty – a new bottle is added to her online shopping cart.

Lilli glances at the headlines specifically selected for her projected on the wall. Social network messages and her schedule for today also appear.

Lilli’s alarm clock goes off 15 minutes early. The traffic report predicts heavy rains, so 15 minutes leeway was estimated so she could get to her 9am doctor appointment on time.

Lilli is alerted that a former school friend is in the vicinity. She accepts a meet request for next week. Updated contact data is automatically exchanged and calendars are synched.

The doctor already received an alert that no food was consumed, so tests can go ahead. New test data is correlated with medical history. Analytics suggest a stress reduction plan.

In the car, alternative routing to the doctor is suggested. Recognizing a possible malfunction, the vehicle interfaces with her calendar and proposes an garage appointment time. She confirms and it is set.

Later, Lilli meets her client at the restaurant. She uses a calorie app on her device to see what she should order.

They review several case studies via the business cloud and decide to meet again in Paris. Travel itineraries are synched.

The next day, Lilli is passing a coffee shop and receives a message to get her favorite breakfast. Lilli grabs black coffee. She pays with her smart device.

Participants in her 3pm meeting have been automatically informed of her delay as her calendar re-optimizes. Outcomes from the business lunch have already been shared with them.

Finally at the office, the team decides to have a video call with Paris to prepare for the visit. While on the call, Lilli receives an alert of an electric service outage at home. She decides to leave early.

On the way back to the office, Lilli becomes involved in a car incident. Her insurance app on her smartphone automatically determines her location and time of the incident. The app prompts her for videos, photos, and notes.

A successful dinner with friends

The video screen in the kitchen takes Lilli through a step-by-step guide to cook her dinner. She uses her smart spoon to measure temperature, acidity, salinity and viscosity.

On the way home she selects grocery items online as she has to prepare a dinner for friends. By the time she gets to the store, they are packed waiting for her. NFC does automatic checkout payment.

Meet Jan, Lilli's younger son
Jan is starting his new college term starting next week and he needs some new clothes. Jan is watching interactive TV at home and activates shopping mode. Jan speaks /gestures and goes to the Retails TV app.
Today customers respond to value adding innovation and have little interest in retailers who don’t meet their expectations. Retailers need to re-imagine everything about the way they connect, transact and engage with consumers to create brand value

Powerful market forces are at work
today and will continue to reshape the
retailing landscape for years to come

Demo 266
App functions
advanced notice
of overdraft
App functions
App functions
Jan heads to the store. At the personal shopper desk, his
pre-packed cart is ready for 'Smart Pickup'. But Jan wants to continue shopping.
Lilli's daughter Lena is preparing her stay abroad in San Diego, U.S. In preparation she has to take care of various financial aspects. Lena is consulting the internet but is quickly overwhelmed by the plethora of information. Therefore, she schedules an appointment with her personal adviser through her bank's homepage and specifies the reason of her session.
Lilli is on the road....
She got a mail...
Special personalized car insurance
Pay how you drive
Lilli´s Online-Profile:
She already ensured a discount of 25%
Lilli does not like letters....
... but she likes emails!
When arriving at her bank of choice she is welcomed personally by her adviser Mr. Müller. Through the CRM system Mr. Müller already knows her reason of visit and is prepared accordingly.
She starts to fill in the online form
Lilli needs help...
Lilli´s new agent, Rainer Seller,...
...and his workstation of the future
analyzing client online behavior to create an exceptional customer experience with IBM Tealeaf
client reference:
@ UniCredit Bank (Demo 2)
At the end of the appointment Lena receives a customized check list for her semester abroad. She is very pleased with the complete service of her bank.
The big day has come. Lena is departing for her new experience...
credit card &
mobile payment
Online Channel Optimization
Returning home...
...resulting in free publicity for the bank. Win - Win.
IBM Social Media Analytics
A digital signage shows videos and technical information.
Lilli uses the city app to get some interesting information about best places and uses her social network as well.
How to achieve that customer experience

Single view of the customer - enables a consistent view
Manage the digital brand
Customer Value management
Trend Spotting
Customer Experience Management
Digital Media Content Management
Cross Channel Marketing
Cross Channel Experience Design
Integrated Location Services
Highly targeted digital campaigns
Consistent View of order in all channels
Cross Channel Analytics
Personalized Recommendation
Timely and consistent notification
Customer Integration & Collaboration
IBM Solutions make it possible
Some of IBMs Solutions:
Customer Analytics and Mobile Marketing
Digital and Omni-Channel Marketing
Omni-Channel Commerce and Customer Experience
Supply Chain Management, Resource & Planning Optimisation
Mobile Transactions
Unica Campaign (Management)
Physical-Digital Convergence

New technologies previously available only to digital channels are now available in stores through location and presence-awareness. This gives retailers the ability to bridge the physical and digital worlds for improved performance, optimized store layout and staffing, differentiated products and services and personalized consumer interactions
New technologies help retailers be essential to consumers
Store map
Analytics in
real time
How does IBM support you providing excellent customer service?
During the counseling session Lena and Mr. Müller talk about various aspects ...
... offered by the house bank to enable the exchange of experiences between like-minded students who are planning a semester abroad
(IBM Portal Exceptional Web Experience)
Lena needs a micro credit for financing daily life of her semester abroad. Mr. Müller develops a suitable offer together with Lena while making use of the
foresee interactive desk.
Mr. Müller facilitates a virtual meeting with Mr. Smith from the partner bank in U.S. via video conferencing so that Lena gets to know her contact person abroad.
Cloud technology for an easy data exchange
comprehensive support and advice during the different phases of Lena's life

results in long-life
customer loyalty
Extensive use of tools
Expectations of users
Some other interesting stories and a insights of our upcoming digital future
Buying a new car
Additional things to check
At the Car Dealer
Experiences with the new car
Daily Life Experiences
According to the 2013 Fraunhofer study dealing with the Bank of the Future, 67% of the surveyed banks think that
intensifying customer management
is a strategic main topic.

In the light of
decreasing customer loyalty
rising competition
, the following scenario shows how a strong customer loyality could be achieved.

quality of advice
is one of the most significant aspects for sales success.

(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
79% attach high or very high importance to
individual solutions for customers
within the framework of customer management.
(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
credit card and general information about mobile payment
35 % of the banks consider the
competition with non-banks
as a risk
(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
... is one of different confidence-building measures.

Increasing the transparency of the products ...
website optimization with IBM Tealeaf
49 % consider
ongoing development of digital sales channels
as highly important.
(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
presence in virtual communities

is not the most relevant issue in the customer management from a bank-perspective.
(Frauenhofer, Bank und Zukunft, page ...)
50 % think that the
accessibility of the bank advisor via different media
is key to effective customer management.
(Frauenhofer IAO, Bank & Zukunft 2013, page 39)
(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
Through data sharing Mr. Smith gets all relevant information of Lena, for example her credit history as a prerequisite for her credit worthiness.
Security software such as Trusteer blocks malware and phishing attacks and supports regulatory compliance requirements.
25% consider
value-added services
(combination of bank- and non-bank-products) as highly important.

This area offers a great opportunity for innovative and individual services.
(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
Social Media
as a medium of internet-based sales is considered more an IT-issue than a sales-topic from the bank perspective.

However, there is a
variety of benefits of Social Media
(digital marketing, bank-customer-interaction etc.)
(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
Analytics & Big Data
Social Business
86% of the banks consider the
guarantee of security in banking
as highly important.

(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
Lena is arriving at her bank.
By the year 2020, an entire generation will have grown up in a primarily
digital world
(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
Cloud Computing Services as a trend towards flexibility of IT infrastructure are heavily discussed at C-level.
(experton ICT newsletter 09/2014)
Availability of data and analytics
The Global C-Suite study identified three key themes that will help clients to shape their organization’s future:
• Open up to customer influence
• Pioneer digital-physical innovation
• Craft engaging customer experiences
European banks are racing to capture generation Y and Z. To do so banks need to transform from traditional one-sided customer approaches to
digital interaction
The digital transformation forces





Big data


Lilli and her family are very aware of their impact on the environment and minimize use of natural resources wherever practical.
They want to buy an electronic vehicle.
Nick saves the updated configuration on his smartphone.
They can pick up the car.
source: IBM IBV
Heike Müller

IBM Deutschland MBS GmbH
IBM Sales & Distribution, Marketing
Market Segment Manager Industry Marketing

Email: DEHEIKEM@de.ibm.com
Kim Laura Hoffmann
IBM Deutschland MBS GmbH
IBM Sales & Distribution, Marketing
Master Student in Industry Marketing

Email: KimHoffmann@de.ibm.com
400 million
number of tweets sent using Twitter each day
1 million
websites have integrated with Facebook
consumers use multiple channels
of mobile users keep their device with in arm's reach
of the time
1 in 4
minutes online is on social media
of users check Facebook
5 times
or more daily
of senior executives believe customer experience is the next competitive background
of the data in the world today has been created in the last
years alone
Decision Process
Data will be synched
source: IBM IBV
Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Software as a Service (SaaS) auf Basis Softlayer
Infrastructure as a Service
Content Analytics
Customer Management
Advanced/ Predictive Analytics
Business Process Management

Smart Cloud
Social Media Analytics
Exceptional Web Experience
Social Collaboration Solutions
Mobile Payment Solutions
(incl. IBM Business Partner mb&m)
Mobile First
(incl. IBM Worklight, IBM's Global Payment Checkout)
In addition to the Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social portfolio further IBM solutions complete this scenario:

Regulatory / Compliance
Enterprise Risk Management
Security / Fraud
Information Lifecycle Governance
Legacy Application Transformation

Data Center Optimization
Unica Campaign (Management)
Human Resources Management

Lena gets app notifications about special offers from her bank's cooperation partners - real-time and location based.

The intro gives some general facts about the need to transform to a digital world in order to achieve customer experiences.

Leaders are putting Big Data & Analytics, Social, Mobile & Cloud into action to get best results in this new competitive field.

In the end you can see a video about the new agenda of understanding & collaborate with customers.
9 interesting stories are available. You can jump into each story. They show industry and cross industry aspects.
We show 9 different stories of daily life experiences.

They include
existing solutions
solutions we work on with customers and
future ideas about more digital transformation
The stories can be used per industry or cross industry as well.
The story shows a possible buying process that includes social tools, new retail tools and a lot of ways to interact with the customer.
The customer ends up with a very positive feeling.
It shows current solutions as well as some future outlooks.
In the end you can watch a film about the customer experience.
Visiting several retailer websites as well as automotive forums to gather information about new car models.
The insurance story shows flexible ways like e-mails, chats, portals or meetings to inform Lilli and to offer her an update for her new car.

"Pay how you drive" - a new model which takes individual behaviour into account. Available technology both in telemetry and cars makes it possible.

It shows also flexible ways to work. The insurance broker has all data of the customer on every device. He is prepared perfectly and uses also social media tools intensively.
Lilli's Business Travel Experiences
Lilli is traveling to Paris for an important business meeting. During this story you get to know all different touch points she has with the airline, the enterprise she is working for and other players, which normally seem to be more in the back- than in the foreground of her trip (e.g. payment, shops). Finally you will understand the advantages of a full digital world regarding this industry.

Get a full overview of this smarter Travel and Transportation Process and all the Products made by IBM as well as important insight of how IBM employees use them.

The story shows different ways to gather information - like social media. Companies do also use these tools to get in contact with their customers. Due to analytics companies have all information they need to offer professional and attractive solutions and products to their customers. Further, fast and convenient order process show flexibility during the buying process.
Get to know the present digital transformation and get some insights of the future.

Lilli needs a new smartphone
The family needs a new car
For further questions please contact your sales partner or consultant.

If this is not possible, you can also contact:
The family will move into a new house
A set of digital transformation drivers...
Mobile Revolution
Mobile Revolution
Connectivity, access and participation of people and things are growing rapidly; Mobile internet and smart devices are exploding
Changing the way that individuals and organizations engage, interact and collaborate
Social Media Explosion
Digital content is being produced and accessed more quickly than ever before, causing growth in digitized industries, markets & segments
New opportunities for real time analysis and predictive analytics creating business insights from more and more data
Power of Analytics
... is impacting all levels of society!
The connected consumer
The networked workforce
The empowered citizens
Value migration
Industry redefinition
Evolved business models
Optimized digital operations
Connected enterprises
The story shows a possible process in the sector of Energy and Utility including social tools like social listening, collaboration and new retail tools. There are a lot of ways to interact with the customer and to offer best solutions e.g. because of 360 view.

The customer ends up with a very positive feeling.

It shows current solutions as well as some future outlook.

Data Security
IBM Threat Protection System can help prevent attacks - before the damage
Security made with IBM
The Solutions - how do we get there?
IBM Marketing Operations
IBM Social Analytics
IBM Campaign
IBM eMessage
IBM Digital Analytics
IBM Interact
IBM Tealeaf
IBM Sterling
IBM Worklight
IBM WebSphere Commerce

For her study abroad semester, Lilli's daughter Lena needs financial advice. After intensive online research Lena reaches out to her financial adviser to discuss different options.

The story shows different touch points with the bank and ways to offer an excellent 360° service to the customer.
As Lena's bank adviser is already well-prepared for the meeting additional products such as a credit card can be addressed.

The bank cooperates with a partner bank abroad. This offers Lena a smooth transition to the U.S. Abroad she benefits from the banking app functions such as location based services or exchange rate warnings.

At her return, Lena's bank welcomes her back and discusses next best actions. Lena is satisfied with her banking experience and shares her praise online. With such a complete service the bank ensures satisfaction and long-life loyalty of their customers.
IBM Best Practices
Social Collaboration -

IBMers are using Connections as a social network platform to engage the right people, share knowledge and manage a project. With Connections IBM improves decision-making, increases productivity and accelerates time to market.
Social Collaboration -

IBMers are using Sametime instant messaging to effectively communicate with colleagues, helping to meet the ongoing demands of everyday business.
Social Collaboration -

IBMers are using SmartCloud to instantly host online meetings, quickly distribute information in a secure environment and reliably share applications, presentations and documents, helping the company to reduce travel costs and shorten sales cycles.
Customer Management -
Sales Connect

IBMers are using this smart and social CRM-tool that connects with emails, calendars and meetings to ensure a single view of the customer, while increasing sales force productivity.
Lotus Notes Traveler

IBMers are using Lotus Notes Traveler as push email software that provides quick access to email, calendar and contacts - also on the go as the Traveler version.
Some examples of our use cases and experiences
Data Privacy
Robert C. Weber
IBM Senior Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, and General Counse
IBM has not provided client data...
... to the National Security Agency (NSA) or any other government agency under the program known as PRISM.

... to the NSA or any other government agency under any surveillance program involving the bulk collection of content or metadata.

... stored outside the United States to the U.S. government under a national security order, such as a FISA order or a National Security Letter.

IBM does not put “backdoors” in its products for the NSA or any other government agency, nor does IBM provide software source code or encryption keys to the NSA or any other government agency for the purpose of accessing client data.

IBM has and will continue to comply with the local laws, including data privacy laws, in all countries in which it operates.
Technology often challenges us as a society. This is one instance in which both business and government must respond.
is the next great
natural resource
, with the potential to
improve lives and transform institutions for the better
. However, establishing and maintaining the
public’s trust
in new technologies is essential.
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Jan has plenty of time left in the weekend and goes to see his friends.
Jan decides to check out. The receipt is posted to his mobile, which is all he needs to show to the associate on his way out.
He takes a snap himself and posts his avatar to his favorite social network.
The cart recognises Jan by the phone tap on the smart screen, which is personalised for him.
Our Commitment to Clients and Recommendations to Governments:

We understand that clients are concerned about the security and privacy of their data. Therefore, we want to offer the following assurances:

• In general, if a government wants access to data held by IBM on behalf of an enterprise client, we would expect that government to deal directly with that client.If the U.S. government were to serve a national security order on IBM to obtain data from an enterprise client and impose a gag order that prohibits IBM from notifying that client, IBM will take appropriate steps to challenge the gag order through judicial action or other means.

• For enterprise clients’ data stored outside of the United States, IBM believes that any U.S. government effort to obtain such data should go through internationally recognized legal channels, such as requests for assistance under international treaties.

• If the U.S. government instead were to serve a national security order on IBM to obtain data stored outside the United States from an enterprise client, IBM will take appropriate steps to challenge the order through judicial action or other means.

• IBM will continue to invest in world-class security technologies and services, and we will engage governments around the world on behalf of sensible, market-led policies that enable the free flow of data while promoting strong security. IBM will also continue its decades-long tradition of privacy leadership.

Governments must act to restore trust. IBM believes governments should take the following actions:

• Governments should reject short-sighted policies, such as data localization requirements, that do little to improve security but distort markets and lend themselves to protectionist tendencies.

• Governments should not subvert commercial technologies, such as encryption, that are intended to protect business data.

• The U.S. government should have a robust debate on surveillance reforms, including new transparency provisions that would allow the public to better understand the scope of intelligence programs and the data collected.
Unica Campaign (Management)
On every device - seamless & easy
(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
(Fraunhofer IAO, 2013)
(The Customer-activated Enterprise Insights from the Global C-suite Study, 2013)
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