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I.S. 2010 "PowerPoint"

Sarah Mathys

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Hoarders

Types of Hoarding from the Archives for the Recently Deceased Animal Hoarding: What is animal hoarding? Animal hoarding consists of the following: Keeping more than the ususal number of animals Inability to provide basic care for the animals (food, veterinary care, shelter, etc) and denial of that inability. What does animal hoarding look like? Floors, furniture and sometimes even the walls of a hoarder's house are covered with animal feces and urine. In many cases, animal carcasses are mixed in with living animals. Insect and rodent infestations are common. These effects of animal hoarding, as well as all of the dead animals and defecation present extreme health hazards to people living in the house. What are some effects of animal hoarding? Houses that once belonged to hoarders are usually condemned due to unavailable, and irreparable, conditions. Once the animal hoarder has been discovered, all of the animals need to have a place to go. Animal hoarding floods local animal shelters and many otherwise-adoptable dogs and cats are put to sleep because pounds lack the room to keep them. Sentimental Hoarding: Sentimental hoarders hoard for what appears to be purely sentimental reasons. These people may have all of their clothing since they were very young, or may hoard pictures of themselves and their childhood friends. They may also keep huge numbers of old toys, some of which are broken and no longer useful whatsoever. What is sentimental hoarding? What may cause sentimental hoarding? sentimental hoarding may be caused by the child learning, as a youngster, that everything is precious and that by not keeping things, they are missing out on memories for the future. sentimental hoarders may also have experienced a tragic event in their youth that resulted in the death of a loved one. according to the five stages of death, all those who are grieving will experience "denial" and "guilt" as part of the process of dealing with their loved one's death. sentimental hoarders may be permanently stuck in these stages, believing that the death was their fault and if they keep everything that person once owned, they might be able to bring back the person, or at least "carry on their memory". Obsessive-compulsive "double-checking": What is OCDC? OCDC may not actually be a form of hoarding. in this type, the hoarder's obsessive doubts cause a fear that, when throwing trash away, something important will be thrown out with it by mistake. These people compulsively thumb through every page of newspapers or magazines, and they double-check the seams of paper bags, boxes, and envelopes to be certain they have not thrown out money, jewelry, or important papers. Throwing things out can involve hours of searching and checking. This can become so difficult and time-consuming, that they may eventually just stop throwing things away altogether.

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