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No description

Jakub Puškáš

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Postcrossing

Start sending postcards! An easy way to improve your writing It is for free! What to write? A simple "hello" would do:-) 365 000 people are already doing it. Become a Postcrosser! Send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world! Where the postcards come from is always a surprise. 15 million postcards have already been exchanged. Some people prefer regular postcards. Some like vintage postcards. As soon as your postcard is registered by Michael using the ID... LOOK! Michael George
9382 Main Ave
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
United States of America Or write a poem. Write about your life. Or simply write about the place on the postcard. Be the one to send the 17th million one! The 15,000,000th postcard travelled from Germany to Italy. The fourth million was reached with a postcard traveling from the Czech Republic to the Netherlands. Paulo Magalhães founded the web page
on July 14, 2005 REGISTER TODAY! www.postcrossing.com 4,000,000th
postcard 5 years later How it all began? December 31, 2012!!! The word spread quickly. Do you want to improve your writing? Send one to China. Get one from Brazil. Send one to Russia. Get one from Canada. Go to a book shop to get some nice postcards. "Ahoj!" "Guten Tag!" Join now! Anyone with an address can create an account. How it works? It is all very simple! ...your address will be given to another random user to send YOU a postcard! How to start? Take your postcards! You can also write about your day. When you begin, you get access to 5 addresses... You can send postcards to 5 different people. In return you get 5 postcards from other people from any country in the world. Turn your mailbox
into a box of surprises! First, request to send a postcard. The web page will give you the address of a random member. The web page will also generate a unique Postcard ID. e.g. CZ-108 443 Write the ID (CZ-108 443) on the postcard and send it to the given address. The ID will be used to register the postcard when Michael receives your postcard. Michael George
9382 Main Ave
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
United States of America SEND YOU A POSTCARD! SEND YOU A POSTCARD! Seize the world in your mailbox! ENDING STORY NEVER Do want improve your writing? you to Start Postcrossing! Practice writing by sending postcards to the people in the world.
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