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ER Nurse

Allied Health

Elena Wostrel

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of ER Nurse

The End What? Emergency Room Nurse Emergency Room Nurses are RN's who deal with patients entering a hospital or healthcare facility's emergency department
May deal with any and every type of medical emergency
Can work towards a management/supervisor position Where? Emergency Departments in hospitals- either in triage or working with patients
Situation and environment is always changing Technology Used Traits Needed Ability to adapt quickly to change
Calm and Controlled
Critical Thinker
Handle what you may see
Excel at time management/organization/prioritization Who? You work for the hospital, Doctors report to ER Medical Director, Nurses report to nurse manager, Doctors only have medical authority over nurses (more collaborative in ER environment)
Work with doctors, supervisors, other nurses, receptionists
Serving the patients Why? 12 Hour Shifts
Average Salary: $65,000
Most employers in health care field provide retirement plans such as 401K; most union-based nursing jobs also offer pension plans Rewarding because..? Helping people directly
Exciting, always something new Pros and Cons Cons:
Long Hours, including weekends, holidays, nights
Physically Demanding
Potentially Dangerous
High Stress level
Trouble with patients Pros:
No dull moments
Always learning
More freedom to provide care
Team environment
Satisfaction of helping people Wide range of situations means wide range of equipment
IV's, EKG and vital sign monitors, defibrillators, electronic documentation How? Associate's Degree: 2-3 years
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN): four years
National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses
Best Nursing programs: John Hopkins, UPenn, University of Washington, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, Yale
Best in CT: Sacred Heart, Yale, Central, Quinnipiac, UConn
Costs vary on type of school, NCLERN is about $200 Works Cited . "Becoming an Emergency Room Nurse: Salary Info & Job Description." Diploma Guide. Diploma Guide. Web. 25 Nov 2012. <http://diplomaguide.com/articles/Emergency_Room_Nurse_Career_Info.html>.
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