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Yellow Fever

No description

Maddie Foster

on 24 January 2017

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Transcript of Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever
Where is it found?
Yellow fever is mostly found in South America and Africa.
Age group, gender, culture group most affected
It doesn't matter what age, gender, or culture you are, you can still get yellow fever
About Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever is an infection spread by a particular species of mosquito. It is found in tropical and subtropical areas. Yellow Fever causes flu like symptoms and makes your eyes and skin yellow. Up to 50% of severely affected people without treatment will die.
The first Yellow Fever outbreaks in the United States occurred in late 1690’s. About 100 years later, refugees from from a yellow fever epidemic in the Caribbean fled to Philadelphia.
Does Yellow fever still exist?
Yellow fever does still exist, and a lot of people still get it.
Is it in the news?
Yes, yellow fever is in the news.
The symptoms of yellow fever are:

Fever, headaches, muscle aches, sensitivity to light, Nausea or vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness, red eyes, face, or tongue, and bleeding.
How the body is affected
Yellow fever attacks many organs, but it aims more for the liver, which causes your skin to turn yellow. Yellow fever can also damage your nervous system and your renal system, including your kidneys.
Cures and Treatments
Right now there is no cure for yellow fever. The only thing the person that is infected can do is wait for their body to kill the virus. There is no specific treatment for yellow fever, but you can take things like pain relief and the oral re-hydration therapy
What causes the disease?
Yellow Fever is caused by a virus that is spread by a certain type of mosquito.
How is a persons daily life affected by Yellow Fever?
If you have this disease, you probably won't be able to move on in your daily life. You will feel very weak and sick and won't be able to do any of your daily activities.
Number of Americans affected
225,641 Americans came down with Yellow Fever, and 33,846 Americans died.
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