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My Senior Footprint

No description

Stephanie McDonald

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of My Senior Footprint

My name is Stephanie McDonald. I was born in Missoula on September 18, 1995 but raised on the Flathead Reservation. I attended a private school before switching to Polson in the 6th grade. I went to school there up until I was a junior in high school before I transferred to Ronan to finish out my high school career.
The Friends I Cherish :)
Throughout my four years of high school I have met a lot of people. A lot of those people became my friends. Some of those became my best friends, people that I told everything to and trusted.
Popularity Isn't Everything
Remember when all you wanted to be was one of the cool kids? As you grow up, you get to understand that there's more past high school and the people in it. You learn not to care for others opinions and start to feel comfortable as the person you you are.
Goth, Emo..
What Do I Want to Do In Life?
I want to invest my time into helping others. I don't think I'll ever be world famous but being famous in a community, even in a small one, is good enough for me. I want to pursue a degree in pharmacy since it gives me an opportunity to be everything I want to be: comfortable, helpful, and recognized.
My Senior Footprint
The Lesson I Learned

Friends Are The Best(:
Friends are one of the greatest reasons for life. Us humans are social creatures and we do what we naturally do: socialize! One lesson I learned is that loyalty and respect are one of the greatest things to give to a person. If you give any of those two things to anybody, make sure they're friends.
Sometimes you can find more
in a friendship..
Just be Yourself!
As unoriginal as that sounds, it's one of the main things in growing up. I don't believe in titles anymore, I just think people are people.
Or Even Nerdy!
Where Would I Be Without Them?
Family is the foundation of my life. I value family above all else because I know family has my back. My nieces and nephews make life fun and love me no matter what. Older relatives always have crazy stories to tell. Relatives my age always have something ridiculous planned out. But they all are loyal to blood. Family is something you should always be grateful for.
My Hero!
It's hard to say what life would be like without this big guy. My dad has pushed me through my hardships and been there for me through thick and thin.
I have respect for him putting up with me, definitely through the times he was the only one around.
Value what you have while you have it. I lost a grandma in the last year. Losing a family member is painful. But through the pain you gain strength, you're given reason to enjoy life everyday because it is so precious.
What School Teaches You
I think school isn't just meant to teach math, English, or history skills. It's meant to teach a variety of skills that you will need to excel through life. Besides getting smart from textbooks and lectures, I also...
Learned how to make friends..
Learned how to deal with enemies in the same environment as you and to brush off insults and rumors..
Learned how to give respect and how to get respect..
High school actually teaches you a lot of things besides the Pythagorean theorem and World War 2. It teaches you a lot of life lessons, common sense, things you need to know to be ready for the real world.
Aim high and don't be afraid to aim higher. Prove the ones who doubted you wrong and make your loved ones proud. I think the last 4 years have made me eager for success. I wouldn't trade in these last four years for the world for they have done so much for my life.
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