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Contributing projects to CLEAR 101

The Community Legal Education & Reform database (CLEAR) showcases community legal education and law reform projects undertaken by Australian Community Legal Centres and other nonprofits. This Prezi show how to contribute projects to CLEAR.

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Transcript of Contributing projects to CLEAR 101

Contributing Projects 101

Community Legal Education & Reform database (CLEAR)
it's quick, it's easy...
See, you're over halfway...
Only two more to go...
The home stretch
Select your project’s method/s of delivery (eg Workshop, Publication), then “Continue”.
Screen 5
Select your project’s jurisdiction (eg VIC), then “Continue”.
Screen 3
The second screen will prompt you to select your project’s relevant area/s of law (eg Family Law, Prisoners).

When you've done this, click“Continue”.
Screen 2
To upload a project to CLEAR, simply visit CLEAR's home page - www.naclc.org.au/clear

Then select the purple Contribute Your Projects tab.
The Home page
Enter any additional information (eg previously published as "Patients Rights") in the text box provided.

When you're ready, "Submit" and NACLC's CLEAR Administrator will receive an automatic email notification that you have uploaded a project.
Screen 8
If your project comprises written or visual material (eg a Powerpoint presentation), click Yes or No to indicate your willingness to share this material with others.

If you click Yes, NACLC's CLEAR Administrator will contact you in due course to facilitate this.

When you're ready, “Continue”.
Screen 7
If your project is a publication, enter the relevant details on this screen, then “Continue”.
Screen 6
Select our project’s audience/s (eg Consumers, Women), then "Continue”.
Screen 4
The first of 8 screens will prompt you to enter basic data about your project (eg project title, your organisation, contact details etc).

To make it easy, you can copy and paste text from Word or other programs into CLEAR.

Remember to select whether their project has been evaluated, irrespective of the formality of the evaluation. This is useful for information for NACLC and CLEAR users.

When you have entered your project's basic info, click “Continue” at the bottom of the screen.
Screen 1

NACLC 's CLEAR Administrator will check your project to ensure your data is complete, and then authorise your project and it will go "live".

NACLC's CLEAR Administrator will notify you as soon as your project is live (usually within a week).

But wait, there's more...
NACLC's CLEAR Administrator will then promote your project on CLEAR via Twitter (via @NACLCBruce) and an e-newsletter that's distributed periodically to the sector.
If you have any queries or problems uploading projects, please contact NACLC: naclc@clc.net.au
Please include the word 'CLEAR' in the subject line. Thank you.
Last updated: May 2016
What is CLEAR?
Community Legal Education and Reform (CLEAR) database features:
Community legal education projects
Law reform projects

Projects contributed by:
Legal Aid Commissions
Recent updates
In particular, CLEAR users can now:

Browse by Jurisdiction
Browse by Most Recent
Users can now sort entries 'Date Added' and by 'Title' (alphabetically)
When contributing projects, indicate whether projects have been evaluated, and
Use the advanced search to look for projects that have been evaluated.
Benefits of CLEAR

Promotes information sharing among the legal assistance services

CLE workers don't have to "reinvent (or duplicate) the wheel"

Encourages learning
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